How Can You Choose The Right Mattress If You Are A Back Sleeper?

 As your life gets busier than ever before, you need good sleep to compensate for all the hard work and keep your body and mind healthy. People sleep in different ways/positions. Some people sleep on the side, some on the back, and some on their belly with face down. 

 When looking around for a gel memory foam mattress, you also need to consider your sleeping position. The mattress should support the curvature of your body while embracing the pressure on your shoulders and hips. Here, we have discussed how sleeping on back affects sleep.

How Sleeping On Back Affects Sleep?

Sleeping on your back ensures the best sleeping position to prevent aches and pains in the morning. If you sleep on your back, your spine is aligned, and your body is centered. Spine alignment during sleep makes a significant impact on how good you feel in the morning. 

According to sleep experts, the natural alignment of the spine is a gentle S curve, which is maintained when you sleep on your back. People who sleep in other positions face a higher risk of misalignment of spines, which can result in aches and pain in the morning. A gel memory foam mattress is right for back sleepers as it provides an adequate level of orthopedic support to your back and cushioning to the rest of your body. 

Now that you know sleeping on the back is best for your body, we have shared a few tips to choose the right mattress for back sleepers.


A few decades ago, you had limited options when it came to choosing a mattress. Today, you have multiple options to choose from, and this increases consumer expectations. Your body needs a cooler environment to sleep comfortably. Hence, you should look for mattresses that help your body relax. If the mattress traps body heat, you will feel uncomfortable, which will affect the quality of sleep. 

The structure of the mattress plays a vital role in air circulation. For example, the cooling gel memory foam has specially formulated memory foam that takes heat away from the sleeper. The cellular structure of memory foam is optimized for increased airflow over traditional mattresses. 


Back sleepers come in various shapes and sizes. Your body weight and dimensions are important factors in choosing the right mattress. People with heavier bodies need more firmness in a mattress to avoid sinking issues. On the other hand, people with a lighter body might want a mattress with a less firm surface. 
Mattresses with medium firmness can be the right choice for back sleepers. However, this is not a golden rule to follow. Every person has comfort preferences. Hence, you may choose a gel memory foam mattress that provides excellent back support.  


You need mattresses every day to sleep comfortably but you don't want to buy a new mattress every six months. Hence, you need to look for a mattress that provides excellent support to your back and lasts long. According to mattress experts, a good mattress would stay intact for several years before noticing any signs of wear and tear. The average life span depends on the material used in construction. 
  • A latex mattress has an average lifespan of 12 years. 
  • Memory foam and hybrid mattresses can last for ten years or more.
While the material gives you some idea about the average lifespan of the mattress, there are other things to consider. You need to look for reviews of the mattress company to know about the quality of their mattresses. 


Sitting or lying on the mattress in the store can give you immediate physical feedback. However, the experience of momentary sleep and sleeping on the mattress can be different. You would like to be stuck with a bad mattress for years. This is where the warranty comes into play. 

Some manufacturers offer a grace period, also known as a sleep trial period during which you may return the mattress if you don't like it. The warranty period can differ from one manufacturer to another. Some mattress manufacturers may offer a sleep trial period of 100 days, while some may provide anything between 30-365 nights. 

Not all mattress warranties are the same, and you need to read and understand every term and condition in the warranty. When evaluating a mattress company, pay attention to the sleep trial offers, product return, and refund conditions. Make sure you have read through the gaps and understood the warranty before signing along the dotted line. 


The importance of good sleep cannot be debated. Hence, it is hard to determine what cost is right for a comfortable sleep. It is also necessary that the mattress you choose isn't exorbitantly expensive, and you feel the price is reasonable. What amount you want to spend on buying the mattress is entirely up to you. Make sure the investment in mattress fits in your budget and meets your needs. 
Like other sleeping positions, back sleeping also needs adequate support to avoid issues that start with lower back pain. The tips given in this post helps you select a mattress that is cushioning and supportive but not too soft sleep surface, which is ideal for back sleepers.   
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