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How to Choose an Oscillating Fan
Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Sweat. Heat. Dehydrated. All signs of an approaching summer season. Though in some region it’s not half as bad, it will still affect most people. One way of fighting the summer’s heat – or any heat at all to be honest – is by using oscillation fans.

'What is an oscillating fan?' one might ask. Well to put it frankly, an oscillating fan is a fan consisting of a stationary stand, and the casing that cages the fan blades which can turn from side to side as the blade of the fan propels to induce airflow. The oscillating fan comes with the purpose to change the direction of the air current, and to maximize the area where the air current covers.

However, choosing the right oscillating fan can be troublesome at some point, due to the variant in the appliances’ market. Here are a few tips and tricks for picking the best oscillating fan for your desired space, since there will be a few things to consider before finding the right one.

Firstly, consider the size of the room, if you’re planning on getting an oscillating fan for a spacious room such as the living room or the master bedroom, then consider a tall floor fan or a tower fan with maximum oscillation so it can reach the whole room or the main space. When picking a fan for a spacious area, it is also best to choose a fan that can be controlled by remote to enable easy access. The height and width of the fan should also be given a thought to ensure that not only do this appliance gives cool breeze, but also a cool look as fitting as the room it serves.

Secondly, consider the atmosphere of the room, if it is a bedroom or a reading room that serves as a place to relax, then it is a must to find a compatible fan with minimal noise. Most floor fans have steel blades which can be noisy as the speed increases, thus to ensure the peaceful area is not disturbed by unnecessary noises, it would be wise to pick an oscillating fan that has a silent blade feature to reduce noises.
Thirdly, consider the size of the fan. If by any chance you’d consider some airing on your study table, then perhaps a gigantic floor fan isn’t the one you were looking for. It might get all those papers and stuff to be blown away. But perhaps considering a table fan, which is small and portable, so you can move it to the corner of your table without taking too much space. Table fans mostly have a lower power compared to floor fans, but it’s due to the different built where a floor fan requires the air current to cover a huge area, while table fan only oscillates in a minimal range.
Fourthly, if one is ever forgetful, then give a penny of thought for fans with timers. These days, most oscillating fans are equipped with this feature, not only because they help to saves electricity, but also saves your wallet from paying extra if you forgot to turn them off. These timers can be set to ensure that the fan will be automatically turned off if you forgot to.
Lastly, budgeting is always important when choosing the right fan. Regardless of what feature you are looking for, if it leaves you penniless at the end of the month, then a little compromise in your demand should be made according to which feature is needed most. Though, with the variety of fans out there, you could also choose a different brand that is cheaper but still holds the quality that you are looking for.
Of course, you don’t necessarily have to check everything off when trying to decide on a fan. These are just tips on how to choose an oscillating fan within a different situation. There won’t be any harm if you don’t follow them, as these are just guidelines to keep in mind rather than rules to be obeyed. If the fan is to your liking, and if it serves the purpose to ventilate an area with cool air, then, it is your decision to make.
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