How to Choose the Best Nail Clippers for your Cat

 Is your cat one of those that disappear whenever you get the clippers out? Have you had to resort to wrapping the kitty in a towel if you ever have a hope of giving her a good manicure?

 Professional groomer and behavior experts say that calm even enjoyable nail-clipping sessions are possible. Indeed they say that’s how they should be!

What is required is the right mood to be set. Ideally, cats should be introduced to nail clipping when they are still kittens. Find somewhere comfortable to sit with the cat on your lap. It’s a good idea to do this when the cat is relaxed, and possibly in a sleepy state. Make sure that the cat is unable to see any birds or wild animals. You don’t want the cat jumping up and trying to go into hunting mode.

Befriend the Paws

To give your cat confidence gently take a paw in your fingers and massage it for a count of three. If your cat pulls away, follow the gesture, but keep in gentle contact. When the cat has become still again, give the paw’s pad a light press to extend the nail, then release the paw and give the cat a treat as a reward. This should be done every other day on a different one of the cat’s toes until you’ve tackled all ten.

Acquaint Yourself With the Clipper

It is good to acquaint your cat with the sound of your clippers. This should be done before trimming the cat’s nails. Sit the animal on your lap. Put something like a piece of uncooked pasta into the clippers and introduce them to your cat.

Then, while you massage one of the cat’s toes, gently press the pad. When the nail has extended, clip the spaghetti while you maintain the gentle hold of your cat’s paw. Release the toe and give a treat.

Do Not Cut to the Quick

The part of a cat’s nail that is pink in color is called the quick. It is the place nerves and blood vessels are to be found. Never cut this area, which is very sensitive. Only the white part of a claw should be clipped. Err on the side of caution by cutting less of any nail rather than take the risk of cutting in this area. When you accidentally cut the quick, stop any bleeding with a special powder or stick.

Find the Best Clippers

When finding the best cat clippers for your cat, there are some considerations. These include deciding whether your cat would prefer you to use electric clippers or something more manual. You should also consider if the cat is likely to be deterred by any loud noises or vibrations.
To help you identify which cat clippers to choose you can get cat nail clippers here. This will show you what is currently available on the market. The people behind the website have conducted a comprehensive study and done research to put together a list of their Top Picks.
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