How to Clean a Wetsuit: The Only Guide You Need

 There are certain things you should do to keep your wetsuit in great condition. You can learn how to clean a wetsuit by clicking here.

 A wetsuit is not something you'd typically chuck into the laundry basket after you've used it. In other words, washing it with the rest of your clothes just won't cut it. 

A wetsuit is made from a specific type of material that needs a little extra care. This way, you can ensure your wetsuit lasts that extra bit longer and is worth the overall investment. For more on how to clean a wetsuit, check out the rest of this blog... 

How to Clean a Wetsuit: Simple Steps For Long-Term Care 

Your wetsuit does a great job of protecting you from the elements on all your water-based adventures. You should return the favor and take care of it in the best way possible.

To truth is, your wetsuit is probably exposed to all kinds of funkiness in its lifetime -- sweat, sea salt, chlorine, and other bodily fluids (hey, when you got to go, you got to go!). The guide to adequate wetsuit care is the same for a plus size wetsuit, regular, tall or extra small fit:

Step 1: Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

After you take your wetsuit off, always rinse it with fresh water - salt water is the enemy here. Try to avoid using hot water, too. Stick to cool or tepid temperatures.

With hot water, the neoprene fabric of your wetsuit can lose its elasticity and flexibility over time. As mentioned, don't risk putting your wetsuit in the washer, this may cause irreparable damage. 

Step 2: Use an Adequate Wetsuit Cleaner

Simply using water to rinse it off is not enough. You need a cleaning agent to remove salt, chlorine, and other residues. But avoid harsh cleansers that can strip the neoprene material, such as bleach.

Your best bet is the check the inside label of the wetsuit for recommended cleaning agents. Fill your tub with cool water, unzip all the zippers, turn the wetsuit inside out, and massage your wetsuit in the water with the cleaning agent.

Step 3: Hang it Up and Allow to Dry Thoroughly

The best way to allow your wetsuit to dry is over time. Unfortunately, there's no way to speed up this process. Don't hang your wetsuit in the direct sunlight, the sun's harmful UV rays can age the neoprene material.

Instead, choose a shaded, breezy area to dry it off. Leave your wetsuit inside out as it dries. To hang it up, use a heavy-duty, padded hanger if possible. A top tip is to hang your wetsuit folded over at the waist. Hanging it from the neckline can stretch it out slowly, pulling the seams apart. 

Step 4: Look After Your Zippers

To keep your wetsuit zippers in top condition, make sure to rinse and clean them thoroughly. Then, use a zipper lubricant such as Zip Tech to keep them well-oiled and in good working condition.

If your wetsuit has a tough stain that will not budge, don't be tempted to use oil, chemical solvents or aerosols to remove it. This will only deteriorate the neoprene fabric. 

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This guide on how to clean a wetsuit is a great way to keep your kit in top condition. Let's be honest, wetsuits aren't cheap, so it's wise to look after your investment! 

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