How to Date When You Are in Debt
Tuesday, 04 February 2020

 What are the rules of dating it's important to remember when you are in large amounts of debt? Learn how to date when you're debting here.

 Although more and more Americans are preferring to stay single, you never know when love will find you. And here is the thing, it will find you!

Finding a partner and falling in love is a beautiful thing. Fewer things are as exciting and intense as date nights. There is also Netflix and chill!

That being said, dating comes with its own fair share of challenges, especially if you or your partner is in debt.

Worry not, though. Dr. Love is here to help.

Here’s a guide on how to date when you’re in debt.

Be Open with Your Partner

We get it. No one likes talking about their personal finances unless they're talking about their million dollars in the bank! But if you’re in debt, you just want to deal with it alone. There’s some stigma that comes with being in debt.

However, if you’re in debt and want to have a happy relationship with your partner, it’s advisable to be open about your situation. Although it can be difficult to start a financial talk with your partner, it needs to be done. A simple question like “what are your financial goals?” is often enough to break the ice and get you talking.
Be honest about your debt. Don’t just say you’re in debt. Say how much you owe and whether you’re keeping up with payments.

Yes, there are people who will be turned off by such revelations. If your partner is of this kind, you’re better off losing them early in the relationship.

In most instances, though, people will always be willing to listen to you. At a time when consumer debt in the United States has hit a record high, almost everyone has some kind of loan going on.

Draw a Financial Plan as a Couple

When you’re in debt, your focus should be on repaying the loans and becoming debt-free. You have no time for little luxuries that take away the money you should otherwise be using to pay off the loans.

But then you’re dating. Who dates and doesn’t spend money on “couple things” such as lattes, movie tickets, random road trips, gifts here and there, and whatnot?

If you make this mistake when you’re dating, you’ll only sink deeper into debt. This is why you should open up to your partner and then develop a financial plan. You can resolve to open a “dating account” which you both contribute to. You’ll spend this money on “couple things.”

Take Actionable Steps to Pay Off Your Debt

At the end of the day, your debt is yours.

Dating partners will come and go, but your debt will stay – unless you’re taking actionable steps to pay it off. If you’ve got multiple debts, for instance, why not consider a consolidation loan? A service like Debt Hunch can help you get this loan.

That’s How to Date When You’re In Debt

Being in debt isn’t a bad thing. But when you’re dating, debt can throw a spanner in the works. Lucky for you, you now know how to date when you’re in debt.
May you have blissful times and don’t forget to keep reading our blog for more tips.
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