How To Easily And Affordbly Decorate A Long Garden
Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Long, rectangular and linear gardens are amongst the most frequent of all garden contours. Fortunately, a long garden is also one of the simplest to design. The key to making sure your space looks stylish and practical, in addition to enjoyable, is to segregate the areas and divide up the space into segments. Having a skinny and slender garden you have the added benefit of an immediate focus. Our eyes naturally move into the end point of a backyard and, for this reason, your space can be designed as an eye-catching and attention-grabbing characteristic.

Should you need a little encouragement, inspiration along with some helpful tips and tricks, take a look at the pictures, below, and rekindle, design or refresh your garden with confidence! With just a little time and inspiration you will have a gorgeous long garden

1. Large grass areas

If you're blessed with distance, why not consider a garden of vibrant cottage style plants? This distance is long, luxurious, and a perfectly designed country style ambience. The brick home is located in the end of the plot, and functions superbly to create a sense of whimsical magic and mystery. Reminiscent of something from a childhood publication or The Secret Garden, this distance utilises many distinct plants to make interest, and a superbly tangled jumble of foliage. The addition of garden art can also help here - look at Outdoor art pros for ideas.
2. Stylish entertaining space
The very first space we're taking a look at today is a stylish and long garden which looks unbelievably bright and ultra-sleek. The house features a downstairs basement transformation which means the courtyard has been raised and is offered views, which preside over the lawn area. In this instance the focus of the space is your entertaining area which ensures the occupants have somewhere to eat, relax, chill, and socialise. The ultimate terrace for hosting a celebration, the glass balustrades make an unimpeded view to the backyard shed in the back of the property. Light rock is a beautiful option, which combines wonderfully with the white walls, and contrasts against the darkened outdoor furniture.
3. Dining
As mentioned earlier, when dealing with a long linear garden you immediately have the advantage of a focus inside the area. Here in this garden, the designers from Josh Ward Garden Design has effortlessly implemented a lush green walkway which adds to the beautiful tranquillity of this space. The dining table is a rustic wood, and the seats are a contemporary diverse choice. With in-built planters, the backyard spaces are defined as well as neat. This garden produces a gorgeous sense of jealousy, together with the route working as a fashionable and intriguing surprise.
4. Dividing walls
When you have a very long backyard, you may wish to think about implementing garden walls or dividers to create spaces which are delineated in the large, open location. In this example we see a long garden that has been made by Linsey Evans Garden Design. This distance feels welcoming, and by including the walls, able to offer an inviting sense of warmth and intrigue.
5. Multi-level
Often when you have a lengthy garden it can be hard understanding how to style it, but when paired with a sloping block, it can present even more problems. The space currently has interest and intrigue, and contains ramps which lead in a walkway-like fashion up to the above lawn area. Room to play
Nothing beats on a lawn garden! The functional yet timeless greenery consistently manages to present an area that is welcoming, lush, stylish, and easy. Here the extremely long backyard is also quite big, presenting potential problems for the owners. In order to keep things simple and sophisticated, the designers have decided to employ grass to the entire space. In doing so, the backyard appears enjoyable, and offers the perfect place for kids to perform. It also makes a feature of the home, which can be a focal point for your own garden space.
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