How to Find Your Air Fryer
Wednesday, 11 April 2018

As one of the recent and ultra-modern devices added to our kitchen, the air fryer has gained a cult-like following from individuals who have enthused on a remarkable improvement on their health, as a result of preparing meals with the air fryer.

Air Fryer

The air fryer is the most modern of kitchen appliances with which kitchen utensils makers aim to reduce the content of oil that goes in our body, or displace oil altogether. As a result, electronics manufacturer, Philipsstates in their adverts is “air is the new oil”. The idea is that users of air fryer can eliminate as much as 90% of the oil and thus, 75% fat, when preparing their food. This is because air fryers use the technology known as “rapid air”, in the preparation of food.

With the air fryer, users can fry, grill, bake or roast whatever meals appeal to them, with the certainty that unlike the deep frying alternative, the oil content would be remarkably less.

You can pick the air fryer to add to your kitchen for several reasons. However, most enthusiasts emphasize the health benefits of the air fryer, and thus select one to achieve the balance between eating their favorite fried, cooked or roasted meals and maintaining the quality of their health.Imagine having to eat all the French fries you want, without having to worry about the amount of oil you are consuming!

Others select an air fryer because of the desire for a little adventure i.e. the opportunity to try out the different air fryer recipes out there.

If you are picking an air fryer for health reasons, i.e. to reduce the amount of oil you could be exposed to, your first thought might be, which are the healthiest air fryer recipes and which air fryer is best to prepare them?

However, if you are picking an air fryer because of the additional number of recipes you’d be able to try out, then the question could be, what are the most exciting air fryer recipes available, and which air fryer can comfortably handle these recipes?

Regardless of whichever option you choose, you can be certain that the amount of oil needed to prepare the recipe would be far less than required for a deep frying pan, and you could have a better, tastier meal!

In most cases, the primary consideration buyers think of, when selecting an air fryer is the cost. However, if the quality of the air fryer is considered, as well as the availability of accessories for that particular air fryer, choosing to spend more might mean you spent less in the long run.For example, the Philips HD9240/94 Avance XL Digital Air Fryer, with good pan space and accessories could be an ideal selection, but you would also consider that you would have to come up with $299!

Although, if you want to select a more affordable option, without having to compromise on quality, you could decide to learn about nuwave brio digital air fryer.

Air fryers come in different shapes and sizes. So in addition to the recipes you are interested in, you would have to consider the price.

Another thought to put in place would also be the number of servings that would be required from the air fryer on a regular basis. If you have a large family, or intend to share your servings with guests, and everyone craves an extra serving of fries, it is no debate that you are going to be needing a large-sized air fryer, with a big tray to take as much food as you can.

This would be regardless of the price, unless you are okay with having some disgruntled family members, or guests.

Another thought that might come in place would be design. Design, in the sense, that air fryerslike come in analog and digital facilities. Though, air fryer manufacturers are now adopting the making of digital air fryers like best hot air fryer in 2018, you could come across some analog air fryers as cheap options, and decide to buy one.

However, there’s something you would have to consider. If you do have the capacity to be carelesswhen preparing your meal – with the heat required, the recipe mix or forgetting to put your appliance off, you should definitely consider buying a digital air fryer.

With the digital air fryer, your air fryer would have features like the automatic on/off, heat regulator, notification settings etc., making it easier for you to get the best from your air fryer, without painstakingly trying to figure out how everything works.

Lastly, if you have little tolerance for cleaning up the kitchen after you, do ensure you select an air fryer that’s definitely going to be easy for you to clean up after. Some air fryers come with deep trays, and could be difficult to clean, while others, with the tray compactly in place, might not be that difficult.

An additional tip to selecting an air fryer: If the air fryer could become the main cooking appliance, do ensure you purchase one that has a recipe book attached; or you can easily get recipes for.

Since air fryers have improved in quality and capabilities, over time, you can learn more about air fryers by browsing the Internet.

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