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How to increase your earnings on eBay
Thursday, 01 February 2018

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘It’s time to start making some real money’. Since that inner drive whispered those first words that made your home e-bay business a reality, you have been dedicated and filled with purpose. Things are going well and your auctions closing at key times. However, you know that you need to increase your earnings if you are to place yourself in a position to hand your resignation letter to that insufferable boss of yours.

You need to take your business to the next level, and the best way to do that is to create a custom eBay store. While you don’t have the expertise, nor inclination to try and do this yourself, there are a number of companies such as that specialize in eBay store design and creation. For a reasonable fee, you can use companies such as this to have a totally managed eBay service, thereby taking a load off your time.


Why Use a Managed Service?

Introducing specialists to help manage your services gives you strategic advice around the design, build and management of your eBay store. You want to stand out from the competition ensuring your sales rocket, and it’s been shown that eBay store owners sell 25% more than those selling via auctions or fixed listings.
It’s all about building your brand so that your buyers’ shopping experience is drastically improved due to design and visual appeal. Introduce your own unique logo to help boost your brand further, and portray professionalism in order to instill confidence in your customers. Allowing the experienced pros to customize your eBay shop using proven eBay listing design templates gives your customers ease of navigation through your products and images, resulting in a pleasant shopping experience which has been proven to increase sales by up to 60%.
Further to aiding your selling strategy, managed services can also offer customer services on your behalf, as well as reporting to give you a clear indication of the value they bring to your eBay business. It really is worth the investment in the long run, even though you will enjoy the benefits almost immediately.
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How Else Can You Increase Your Earnings?

However, if you are not yet ready to cede control over to a third party and still want to be hands on with growing your eBay business, then there are a number of key mini-strategies you can employ.
- Always ensure that images of your product are of high quality and that there are more than one, ideally representing the item from more than one angle. Do not try and hide any defects in the product because you want to build trust and don’t want to be tagged as deceptive.
- Discounts attract buyers for obvious reasons, so try offering a static discount strategy as well as variable discounts. Often, static discounts are offered around shipping costs, but you need to be careful (for both yourself and your customer) if you are selling internationally because costs vary considerably due to currency exchanges.
- Keep on top of the simple things because they are important to ensure that your earnings increase. Your keywords are essential to searches, so use those that clearly identify your brand - when was the last time you searched for the word ‘WOW’? Just put some thought into it! Create links to your other products and ensure that you list in the correct category. Consider free ways of marketing yourself in the form of newsletters or bulk emails. And don’t forget to close auctions and keep your product listings up to date. Simple, yet vital.
Go on and earn big! Perhaps your boss already suspects that resignation letter…


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