How to Keep Hemp Oil for Pets Fresh
Tuesday, 28 July 2020

 Having a bottle of hemp oil is always a good idea. This product is an excellent addition to your pet's diet. Besides, it has almost instant soothing effects. It comes in handy when your four-legged friend gets scared or upset. It also helps relieve pain, which occurs as a result of illness or aging.

 Since this product is oil-based, it is good to know that many factors can affect its shelf life. Under normal conditions, the contents of an unopened jug will last for almost a year. The shelf-life shortens once you open the bottle. Proper storage will keep the product fresh and in good condition for a long time.

Don't Buy More Than You Need

Many pet owners fear that they can be left without this natural remedy at an inconvenient time. So they buy more hemp oils for their pets than they need. Having two bottles in stocks is okay, but there is no need to buy dozens of them. They will most likely expire, and you won't even open them all.

Cannabis products for pets are widespread in the market. If you study the offer thoroughly, you can find quality pet hemp oil at a reasonable price. Even with daily giving cannabidiol to your pet, one bottle can last a long time.

Store Oil in Well-Sealed Jugs

Hemp oils are sensitive to light, temperature, and air. Knowing these conditions, reputable manufacturers pack their cannabis-based products in specialized packaging. These are well-sealed bottles or containers. Excess oxygen is squeezed out by unique methods and replaced with nitrogen. Thus the product remains fresh for a long time.

Once you open a bottle of cannabis tincture for pets, its contents are no longer so well protected. If you have the opportunity, pour this liquid into a container with an airtight lid. That will slow down the deterioration of nutrients due to oxidation. If you don't have a bottle like this, always tighten the bottle's lid well after using it. On this page, see how to check if hemp oil went bad.
Keep It Cool
As a rule, the freezing of foods makes them stay fresh longer. The same is the case with cannabis-based products for pets. Heat and light are, in addition to air, the biggest 'enemies' of hemp oil. The fridge is the perfect dark and dry place for the storing bottle of this product.

The warmth has a negative effect on the active ingredients of hemp oil, especially cannabinoids. The bonds in the molecules of these compounds' burst' at high temperatures. Keeping the packaging of this product close to a heat source or in direct sunlight is not a good idea.

If you store this tincture in the refrigerator, you must know that it will change the consistency a little. The liquid will thicken, but it won't root. Before giving a dose of cannabidiol to your four-legged friend, leave the bottle at room temperature to allow the contents to regain their properties.
Chose Dark and Dry Storage Place

If you think putting hemp oil in the fridge is not a good idea, you can store it in other ways as well. The most important thing is that the cannabidiol tincture doesn't stay in the light and heat for a long time. Always choose dark and dry spots, where there is no airflow.

Kitchen or bathroom cabinets are places where you can safely store hemp oil. You can even store them on open shelves in the basement or storeroom. It is essential that the humidity in the air is not high and that these places are high enough for pets or kids not to reach the bottle.

Hemp oil in clear bottles can stand unopened for a long time. But as soon as you open the jug, experts from suggest pouring the contents into a darkened container. If you don't have it, it is enough to cover the bottle with aluminum foil. That will isolate the content from harmful factors.

Storing hemp oil for your pet the right way is the only way to provide your pet with a fresh dose of cannabinoids every time they need it. Don't spend money on making stocks for this product. Your pet may not like it, and you may not use it often. It is better to order a new bottle once you are near the end of the open package.
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