How to Plan Your Engagement Photo Shoot for Lifelong Memories?
Sunday, 13 September 2020

 Engagement day is one of the important days in the prospective groom and bride’s life. It is a day that signifies the beginning of their commitment to their relationship. Many couples wonder when to take engagement photos during the ceremony. Making it easier for you, we have shared tips on how to plan your engagement photoshoot for lifelong memories.  


 Discuss Your Ideas 

The first thing the bride and groom must do is sit together and discuss their ideas. You can grab a piece of pen and paper and write down your fancy ideas. For example, you would want a specific decoration theme and the emotions that you want to capture in the photoshoot. 

Think about common things you share, things that make you unique. Considering different aspects of your personality and your love will help you determine how the engagement photoshoot should happen. 

Gather Some Inspiration

If you're unable to decide when to take engagement photos, take the internet's help for some inspiration. You can gather some inspirations and transform your thoughts into visual imagery. Another way of gathering some inspiration is from popular image sources like Pinterest. 

A simple search like “engagement photo shoot” can display hundreds of engagement photos. You can collect your favourite photos in a separate folder and share it with the photographer. It will help if you also decide a few things about the engagement photoshoot like the colour theme.   

Find Professional Photographer 

The next thing is finding a photographer who can capture your emotions in the photograph and make the moments ecstatic. Don’t make the mistake of assigning the task to a friend clicking your photos on a trip or a vacation. Going for a professional photographer can give you stunning visuals and makes the moments come alive every time you look at the pictures. 

You can ask friends for recommendations who have got their engagement photoshoots done. The next place to search is social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You can also Google with keywords like a professional photographer along with your location. Contact a few photographers and ask them about their prices and availability. 

List Some Special Locations for Photo-Shoot

Once you have found the right photographer, you need to choose the location for the photoshoot. The locations depend on the discussion of ideas at the initial stages. If you don’t know any favourite locations, search Google Maps to find a few. 

Decide the Timings

Photography always talks about the “golden hour" when the sunlight and other natural elements are exposed at their best. According to engagement photoshoot experts, the golden hour is generally one hour before the sunset. You need to use a weather app to find out how the weather is likely to be and know the sunset timings. Once you have got all things together, you can plan things accordingly

Choose Your Outfit 

You need to choose the right outfits for the shoot and ensure the bride and groom do not wear contrasting patterns. Decide the clothing theme.  Do you want the photos to carry a formal or casual vibe? Make sure you don’t wear anything flashy. Wear something that will be captured well by the lens. 
The tips given above will ensure the engagement photoshoot turns out well and sets a positive vibe for the wedding photoshoot. 
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