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How To Reduce The Cost Of Operating Your Hot Tub
Monday, 18 December 2017

If you have a hot tub that you use on a regular basis, the following eight tips can help you keep the operating costs as low as possible:

1. Inspect your hot tub cover.

Swim Spa Covers advise you check to see how heavy the cover of your hot tub is. If it is heavier than it should be, it is most likely absorbing water. Moisture can interfere with the cover's ability to hold heat in, meaning that the energy costs associated with keeping the water warm will increase.
Another easy way to see whether heat is being lost through the cover of your hot tub is by checking it on a morning when there is frost outside. If the frost on the cover melts faster than on nearby surfaces, it means that heat is escaping. In both of these cases, buying a new cover can help reduce heat loss, minimizing your operating costs as a result.
2. Invest in a cover that is designed to retain heat.
Thermal covers are a great option for hot tubs. They help hold the heat in, reducing the amount of power that is required to keep the water warm. You may be surprised to learn that water evaporation is responsible for as much as 70% of the heat that is lost from the average hot tub.
3. Reduce the effect of the wind.
If your hot tub is unprotected, it will have to work a lot harder to keep the water warm on a cool, windy day. The wind can reduce the temperature of the outside of the hot tub, making it much cooler than it should be. Eventually, this can affect the temperature of the water, making it more costly to heat.
You can avoid this problem by protecting your hot tub from the wind with a fence or a privacy screen.
4. Turn down the temperature of your water.
The water in your hot tub doesn't have to be extremely hot to be relaxing. Play around with the temperature to find out the lowest setting that you still find enjoyable. For many people, this temperature is somewhere around 32°C - far lower than the maximum temperature for most hot tubs. Setting the thermostat lower can help reduce the amount of power that is required to maintain the temperature of the water.
You can turn the temperature down even further during periods of time when your hot tub is not going to be in use. There are even smartphone apps out there that you can use to remotely control the temperature setting on your hot tub.
5. Keep the filter clean.
When your hot tub filter is clean, the water can flow freely, minimizing the amount of energy that is required to operate the pumps. Not only that but it can also result in cleaner water, making it far more enjoyable to sit in the hot tub. A good rule of thumb is to clean your filter every couple of weeks.
6. Turn off the jets whenever possible.
Although the air jets can help create a relaxing experience by making bubbles in the water, they also consume a great deal of energy. Any time you don't need them, turning off the air jets can cut your power usage, saving you money in the process.
7. Improve efficiency by cleaning the pipes.
Whenever you drain your hot tub, you should flush out the pipes to keep them operating at maximum efficiency.
8. Use as few chemicals as possible.
Using an excessive amount of chemicals can damage your hot tub's cover, making it easier for heat to escape. Monitor the chemical levels closely to make sure that they are in line with the manufacturer's recommendations.
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