How to treat a worn wooden floor?
Friday, 20 September 2019

Wood floors have been the perfect trend since the 1950s. There are houses and apartments that have had the same wooden floor for years, either hardwood or floor. After so many years since its installation, the floors may have wear and tear that pollute your look, such as scratches, cracks, loss of shine and grout detachment. But of course there is a way to fix it and bring your wooden floor to life again.

The ideal is to call the Gulvkanonen experts, but, to help you know the process, we will share some basic information with you. Keep reading.

Why is it necessary?
Exchanging wood floors for a new type can be expensive, so there are techniques to restore the old floor. Revitalization is a way to bring a fresh face to the floor and the environment without having to spend on renovations and breakdowns. Basically, revitalization is done by sanding the damaged surface, cleaning and applying resin to the finish.
First steps: Give overall look
The first intervention is to replace unused parts that cannot be revitalized. Check that the floor fixation is secure and reattach any loose clubs and rulers. If you find a loose part, it does not mean it should be removed, but fixed again. Perhaps the holes where the nails were placed long ago may have been damaged. There is one type of material to apply that will plug the holes or the head of nails and screws - the wood putty. The product is a water-based acrylic putty composed of various shades of wood. Mixing them gives the color that best complements the floor. When applying the putty, it will form a layer to hide the wear. Only enter the environment 48 hours after completion.
Second step: Sanding the floor
To remove the worn look of the wood, sand the floor. Hand files can be used to remove occasional wear. Sanding must be done towards the wood grain direction. For sanding the entire floor you should use a machine for this that will use different granulations in order to reach the raw wood. It is recommended to hire a company that performs the service. Sweep and vacuum to remove any remaining debris and leave the floor completely clean and ready for the next step.
Third step: Finishing the work
The floor finish can be done by various materials resulting in different shades and colors. First you must pass the sealer and then one of the products below:
Varnish - Such material is made of formaldehyde and creates a film on the floor. It may take up to a month to dry completely, but the environment can be taken back in three days.
Resin - Resin works similar to varnish, but because it is water based it has the fastest drying.
Stain - The finish is used for wood decking and, instead of forming a film, penetrates between the fibers. This brings a more natural look to the floor without leaving it shiny and may contain fungicidal substances.
After the revitalization
As already said, these types of flooring can be revitalized more than once. However, to better conserve your wooden floor and extend its life, there are some steps to take. Maintenance and cleaning should be frequent using a broom and a lightly moistened soft cloth. Contact with water should be avoided as it may damage the surface of the material as well as organic solvents or products not compatible with the finish. Much of the wear comes from scratches and scratches on the floor. To avoid, place felt or gel films on furniture feet in the room.
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