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How to Treat Feet Itching After Shower
Thursday, 21 November 2019

All of us have experienced a little itchy condition after taking a long, hot shower during cold winter months. This is a mild symptom for most of us and it lasts for a few minutes. This itching condition is mostly due to dry skin caused by hot, long showers and cold, dry air. But there are people, who face chronic, sever and even debilitating itching after taking a shower.

Exposure to hot shower causes itching due to several different conditions-most of these conditions are benevolent but some of these can be dangerous. Feet itch after shower is the condition that irritates.

Main causes of excessively dry skin:

Various culprits can cause post-shower itchy skin. Some of the more common factors than others are;
  • Xerosis cutis
  • Aquagenic pruritus
  • Soap sensitivities
Treatment of feet itching after a shower:

If you feel persistent after a hot water shower, you may consider following home remedies as treatment of feet itching:

Pat dry your body:

Rubbing the body with a towel after taking a bath can strip your skin of moisture. Pat dry your skin/feet with a towel after a shower.

Switch the soap:

If you feel recurrent itching that shows no rash condition after taking shower/bath, then it’s the time to switch soaps you use. Use moisturizing soaps or soap with mild hypo-allergenic ingredients. These will positively affect to reduce itching and dry skin.

Moisturize wet skin/feet:

Apply moisturizer at a bit damp skin. It will lock the moisture into the skin barrier. Consider an ‘’Oil-free moisturizer’’ in case of having acne-prone skin. Prefer a fragrance-free hypoallergenic moisturizer.

Use anti-itch cream:

You can use an anti-itching cream that contains lactic acid. Pramoxine is another promising ingredient that soothes dry skin from itching.

Change the shower routine:

Avoid taking long hot showers that leave the skin parched. Take short showers that are not too hot. The quick tapper off to lukewarm water will surely give you healthier and less itchy skin.

Try cooling agents:

You can use some cooling agents like calamine or menthol lotion to get instant relief at the site of irritation and itching.

Drink more water:

Dehydration also can cause a dry skin condition. Properly hydrated skin appears less dry.

Use essential oils:

Essential oils are also good to prevent and treat the itching. It is necessary to dilute the chosen essential oil with a soothing carrier oil (jojoba oil or sweet almond oil). All the essential oils have the potential to provide soothing effects and prevent your skin from itching and irritation. Chamomile, rose geranium, tea tree, and peppermint are some common essential oils to use.

Getting itchy feet and skin after a hot shower is not something rare. But by making some simple changes in your shower routine can address the issues body and feet itch after shower.

But, if the itching symptoms do not subside after an hour or two after showering then try these home remedies. In case of feeling itchy constantly after using these remedies, then reach out to your doctor. Sometimes itching can be an indication of having some serious skin issues. Don’t ignore persisting itching.


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