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How Vaping Devices Have Evolved Over the Years
Wednesday, 08 February 2023

Vaping hasn’t always been as fancy and stylish as it is today. It has had its fair share of humble beginnings ever since the first vaping device was invented. The projection for the vaping industry is that by 2025, it will have become a 50 billion dollar market. In the light of this fact, we take back into time to understand where it’s come from so that you know where it’s headed.

The first successful e-cigarette entered the market in 2003. Since then, the devices from various companies like DashVapes continue to evolve into sophisticated and advanced varieties. Let’s break down the process of development of these devices into the following generations for easier understanding.

First-generation devices - Cig-a-like

These devices resemble the traditional cigarette in appearance. These cigars had three setups: the atomizer, battery, and flavor cartridge. As soon as the product landed on the market, it started gaining huge traction that many people developed an interest in them and thus came up with other versions. In 2006, Tariq and Umer Sheik invented another device that came as two separate pieces.
The device was branded as the cartomizer, and unlike the first invention, it didn’t function based on ultrasound technology. The device combined the functionalities of the atomizer and the flavor cartridge into one. It’s recorded as the first e-cig to successfully implement the concept of a resistance wire element that’s folded around cotton.
Due to their shapes, the first generation devices are also referred to as the cig-a-likes. You’ll find these devices in places that stock the traditional type of cigarettes where they’re sold to people who are starting smokers. The e-cig is accompanied by a rechargeable device that requires you to inhale before it produces vapor.

Second generation devices - Vape Pen

These are larger than their cig-a-like counterparts. They come with enhanced battery and atomizer performance when compared to the two predecessors. They’re referred to as vape pens because of their shape, which you’re likely to mistake for a pen. The devices like Smok Novo 3 starter kit work best as a starter kit for people venturing into vaping for the first time.
The vape pen has several distinguishing features that include a button for turning the battery on/off. That’s different from the cig-a-likes, which fire up only after inhaling. Secondly, there’s a chip that controls how long the device is hit so that there’s no overheating. Another feature is the clearomizer that indicates the e-liquid level.

Third generation - Mods

These devices are referred to using the name Mods; short for modifications. These are an improvement on the first-generation and second-generation devices. Many electronic cigarette enthusiasts love the mods because of their personalization and more power. That’s the reason you’ll many in the vaping community refer to them as advanced vaping devices.
There are two types of modes, as quickly summarized below:
Unregulated mods Vs. Regulated Mods
Unregulated mods can’t prevent overheating since it doesn’t have a chip. In the place of the chip, there’s a coil that builds resistance, however, it’s the user who has the discretion of how much to inhale. The unregulated mods are also known as mechanical mods. These aren’t recommended for beginners since they’re some application of the knowledge of electrical systems and Ohm’s law.

Regulated mods

Come with a chip that limits overheating by regulating the amount of current flow. They also come with varied voltages so that they increase and decrease power according to the respective voltages.
Features of the regulated mods
The following are a few distinct features of the Regulated mods:
Higher wattage: These have more power running due to high battery capacity, which makes them last for long. The battery could either be inbuilt or removable.
Varied voltage and wattage: This feature means you can control the amount of power consumption depending on the type of resistance coil used.
Digital display: The screen of the third-gen mods is closer to those of smart devices. The screens provide vital information, including battery life, puff counter, ohmmeter, as well as temperature settings.
Airflow control: For adjusting the level of throat hit, thus determining the amount of hit that ends up in the lungs or mouth.
Temperature setting: Allows you to set a personalized temperature range for a consistent vape. You’re thus in charge of determining the flavor intensity you want to get from the e-cig.
Sub-Ohm tanks: These come with high wattage devices. If the device has a high wattage, it will have lower resistance. The tanks of the latest mods have a higher e-liquid holding capacity as compared to the previous generations.


One thing is clear from this conversation; the evolution of e-cigs is nowhere near home. With only two decades of existence, there’s so much evolution that has taken place you would think it’s been around for centuries. As time goes by, you can anticipate a lot of hot stuff to emerge, which you can always get a hint of from verified and authentic supplies.
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