How Wallpics Helped Me Arrange a Photo Surprise for My Husband
Friday, 30 March 2018

Pictures indeed tell more than a thousand words, and it was on that premise that I wrote my husband’s sweet memories using Wallpics.It is the amazing kind of creativity that you can come up with when you decide to arrange a pleasant surprise for people that you love. When my husband was set to come back from the military campaign in Afghanistan, I knew I had to throw a surprise for him thus I decided to go the path not trodden so often, by allaying all our memories and some of his together.


Married to my marine husbandfor close to ten years, I know the rigors of war and what it can do to a man’s mind. Thus, I wanted to put together memories that would help him forget where he had been and make him remember everything about home, people who love and pray for him every day, and how happy he can be.

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So, I set out to look for the bestway to surprise him. I was actually looking for a way to frame photos together and string them along the hallway displaying the history and the progress of our love together, and our children through the various phases of their life. I came by the Wallpics app by accident, it was not that I was looking for something so flamboyant, but all the same, I was swept off my feet when I saw what the app could do.

I contacted his mom for old photos, carefully took shots of them with my high-resolution camera and uploaded them onto my smartphone gallery. The more I read about what Wallpics can do, the more I loved the app.

Here is why I loved the Wallpics app

It is so fluent and simple. There are no printing tasks required. I just had to upload the photos onto the app, resize them, choose the areas I wanted to be highlighted, and that was that. Once finished with that, I left Wallpics to do the rest of the job for me, and they did a perfect one.

I did not require to have any technical knowledge about photos; not even how to use software like Photoshop. I loved the simplicity of just uploading the photos, and then having them delivered to me later. In my heart, I knew that I had found the perfect gift to give my husband, something that he would cherish for the rest of his life because I knew he is a sentimental man.

At 8 inches square for every photo tile, these were just what I wanted at home – not too big and not too small. I was also thrilled thatonce completed you could virtually install the photo boards anywhere and move them at will.

Wallpics helped me tell a story through photos

Long story short, I chose the photos in chronological order, starting with a few I got from his mom when he was a teenager, to when he joined the marines, our proposal in a mountain cabin,and eventually to the baseball games with our sons. I deliberately chose happy memories only because I wanted him to forget the ravages of war.

Mine was a hefty piece of work, cost me some money too, which I cannot regret as I got great value for every dime. I was thrilled to get a discount too, after ordering more than 150 pieces. Five days later, my photo boards were delivered, and my sons and I got down to work, sticking them to the living room wall where my husband loved to watch TV in perfect order.

When he came home, it was quite a sight to see his face. Wonderstruck is an understatement. He was delightedwith the work we did. Of course, we shot some good photos of his surprised face and soon we will add them to the collection.

Would I do Wallpics again? 100 times over, and over again.
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