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How Would Poor Hygiene Impact on Your Work
Thursday, 08 April 2021

Hygiene is a word that is most popularly used in the current era. The expectation from every individual is to be clean and the right of an employee is to work in a hygienic environment. It might look insane how poor hygienic conditions impact business and performance. In this article, we will begin by understanding what hygiene means and step ahead from there.


Definition: There might be different definitions given in different books and on websites but it basically means environment and ways to keep oneself healthy and prevent any illness or sickness which might bring a halt to my day to day activities. A logical approach and practice of keeping the system going on can also be called as hygiene. The word hygiene has been derived from the Greek word ‘Hygieia’ who was considered as the Goddess of health and cleanliness.

A simple example is washing hands with soap and water before eating.

Though there are many types of hygiene with its own importance and significance. If you own a company or office, you should maintain the proper hygiene for your employees good health. Can help you to maintain office cleanliness and hygiene. For our ease let’s read about hygiene under these three categories:

1. Personal Hygiene
2. Workplace Hygiene
3. Work Hygiene
Personal Hygiene:
1. Washing hands properly for 20 seconds post using the restroom. This is also called as Toilet hygiene.
2. Taking a bath twice a day, once before stepping out of home for the day and secondly when back at home in the evening.
3. Ensuring that nails are trimmed regularly and germ-free. This needs to be done for hands and feet both.
4. Ideally brushing after every meal is what doctors recommend, but brushing teeth twice a day in morning and evening can take care of teeth hygiene.
5. It becomes all the more imperative to be more cautious about hygiene when someone is sick. Covering mouth with tissue paper while coughing or coughing in sleeves; washing clothes in soap and water along with some antiseptic like Dettol and using hand sanitizer.
6. Hands should be washed before every meal while using toilets and post using anything which can carry germs. When out of home and it is difficult to wash hands; sanitizers can be used.
7. Body odor due to sweat can be dealt with a rigorous hygiene routine which includes cleaning the body, clean clothes, and the use of good antiperspirants to avoid discomfort caused to fellow workers or family members.

Work Place Hygiene:

1. Office Hygiene:
a. Sanitation plays an important part in keeping hygienic conditions. Clean restrooms and washbasins are the bare minimum for any office to work without huddles. Enough soap and hand sanitizer liquid or gel should be kept for use. If the office is big, you might need to get bigger bottles like a hand sanitiser 1L size or buy it in bulk to ensure supply meets the office’s needs.
b. Clean workstations and chairs make the space look welcoming and fewer people fall sick.
c. Clean gathering areas, elevators, and lifts need special attention. These can be small places usually jam-packed with people.
d. If the company provides transport for pick up and drop the vehicles need to be sanitized post each trip.
e. Clean tissue papers and cutlery should be made available for use.
Work Hygiene: This is a term used in the corporate world these days which deals with working with integrity and without flaws. Ensuring that no false means are adopted to complete the task is a part of work hygiene.


The impact of not following hygiene routine in any aspect can make employees fall sick and increase absenteeism. This in turn impacts the overall productivity of the company and therefore impacting the revenue and reputation. Employees cannot bring their best to the table and give optimum performance if poor office hygiene bothers them all the time. A tensed environment cannot create healthy and performing teams. Such unpleasant conditions lead to attrition and loss of human assets. The damage of poor hygienic conditions is not limited to people falling sick or leaving the organization, it creates a bad brand image in the competitive market.

Thus, hygiene in every aspect should be taken seriously as the damage of not following this can be manifolds.
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