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Impact of a Time Attendance System on Educational Institutes
Tuesday, 01 December 2020

 Educational institutes need innovative tools in today’s competitive and digitally-driven world to ensure seamless and appropriate student body maintenance. With increasing study hours and hectic classroom time, smart time attendance machines can help them effectively manage time and enable proper reporting. Similarly, faculty members are often stuck with performing manual tasks, for example, noting regular student attendance instead of teaching or addressing more important student concerns. 

 Taking attendance manually and registering it in files renders the process of daily attendance into a mundane activity that consumes valuable classroom time unnecessarily. So, what is the solution to such outdated work processes? You will find different school time attendance systems that can easily speed up the attendance process and decrease manual labor. Advanced time attendance machines are designed to automate regular attendance at educational institutes, including schools, colleges, universities, and even tuition classes. 

How Automated Time Attendance Machines Help Educational Institutions?

Automated Time Attendance machine systems help educational institutions such as schools and higher education establishments in many ways. Undoubtedly, an advanced attendance management system facilitates time-saving and cost-saving capabilities. It eliminates several manual functions related to attendance, leave entries, and calculation of total hours attended by individual students. 

Additionally, smart time attendance machines effectively record all necessary data and produce them through comprehensively summarized reports. With intelligent time attendance machines, teachers can correctly and quickly track students’ time in the classroom. 

However, if you are still unsure why you should get a smart time attendance machine for your educational institution, you need to know some of the benefits it brings. To help you, we have listed the top nine advantages of implementing time attendance systems:

1. Reduces manual paperwork

2. Saves time and money with mobile and cloud-based time attendance applications

3. Eliminates the replication of data entries and errors 

4. Improves data visibility 

5. Enables easy handling of student attendance and absenteeism records across multiple different campuses

6. Real-time tracking and status update for leave requests

7. Tracks attendance of teachers and personnel as well

8. Auto-generates different types of class or student attendance reports

9. Touchless attendance systems also ensure safety

Level Up With an Advanced Time Attendance Machine 

How you handle your student attendance can be modified by implementing touchless time attendance machines. Considering the need of the times, investing in a touchless time attendance solution surely seems like a great idea. However, amongst the many brands and options available online, you must do your research and choose a time attendance machine from reputable brands such as KENT. 

One of their products, KENT CamAttendance, is a next-generation touchless time attendance machine that works on facial recognition, which is backed by innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computer vision to deliver optimum accuracy. It can effortlessly capture and recognize students’ faces and mark their attendance, besides offering the benefits of end-to-end encrypted cloud applications for storing student records.

So, if you want to invest in one of the best time attendance machines, we suggest you carefully match your unique requirements and the features available to pick a suitable solution. While you are at it, you can also take a free trial of KENT CamAttendance, and decide if it suits your needs!

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