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Important Things You Need To Know About High Temperature Smoke Fans - 2021 Guide
Tuesday, 15 June 2021

High Temperature Smoke Fans

The NOVENCO® smoke fans are for installation and operation in environments and systems that need traditional temperature ventilation and which should have a capability for operation in heat conditions to guard lives and assets. A typical application of smoke fans is as exhaust fans within the event of fires in buildings, stairwells, automotive parks, tunnels etcetera
The fans in the NOVENCO Smoke exhaust fans ranges are compact, economical, sturdy, and reliable and embody each the illustrious NOVENCO NovAxTM likewise because of the latest addition, the very efficient NOVENCO ZerAx®, axial flow fans. Each fan ranges fancy strong market positions in terms of quality and performance.

Advantages Of Exhaust Fan:-

Filters Out Impure Damp Air:-
this is often most likely the foremost noted good thing about a fan. It filters out moist air, steam, dust, heat, or cold air out of the room or lavatory preventing the expansion of molds.
Controls the Humidity:-
confined areas like loose or kitchens often get suffocated. As a result of which, the humidity increases. The presence of an exhaust fan helps keep the humidity in check.
Removes robust or Burnt Smoke:-
whereas a change of state within the kitchen, some things get burnt sometimes. The smoke discharged makes it not possible for one to remain in the kitchen. No fan takeaways from this robust smoke immediately.
Defend the Walls and Alternative Things like Curtains, etc:-
An exhaust fan additionally helps in protective walls and curtains from being greasy or sticky. As exhaust fans remove smoke, the tar doesn’t get collected on the walls or textile materials thus keeping them recent and clean.
Consumes Less Power:-
Although required to be used often, exhaust fans consume less power. it's a power-saving fan that doesn't manufacture large amounts in our electricity bill.
Simple and Easy to Maintain:-
Exhaust fans have a really low maintenance cost. they're very effortless to maintain. Hence, you'll relax if you're involved concerning its Maintenance.
The variety of sizes and capacities cowl low to medium pressure systems for traditional ventilation and removal and transport of air inside smoky heat environments.
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