It's Game Time: 5 Must-Have Baseball Accessories for Players
Tuesday, 04 February 2020

Are you thinking about starting to play baseball but you aren't sure what you need? Read this article to learn about baseball accessories for players.

After more than 100 years, baseball is still America’s favorite national past-time. Across the country, nearly 16 million Americans are playing baseball.

The love of the game is spreading internationally as well. Major League Baseball (MLB) is conducting outreach programs across Asia and Latin America.

The result is the largest number of fans in the past 25 years. Roughly 170 million people across the world are fans of the game.

Baseball players want to look good at the ballpark. Read on to learn what accessories you need to play the game. Explore 5 must-have baseball accessories for players.

1. Bat Bag and Packs

There are a lot of things to carry to the ballpark. Instead of juggling multiple items, buy a bat bag to carry all of your accessories.

Traditionally, bat bags had a long compartment to fit a bat. However, the hottest accessories in baseball are bat packs.

Bat packs look more like a backpack that you would bring to school. The bats are carried vertically on the side of the bat pack.

2. Helmet

In order to get in the batter’s box, you will need a helmet. This accessory is strictly for safety and to protect you from injury.

As helmet manufacturers work to improve safety, more accessories are becoming commercially available. For example, some helmets come with a face mask on them. There are also C-flaps that consumers can install on the helmet to protect the batter’s jaw and cheek.

3. Batting Gloves

Take a look at major league hitters and you will see them wearing a common accessory. Batting gloves are used by many hitters for good reason.

Batting gloves help alleviate some of the wear and tear on the hands. They also provide additional grip, which comes in handy when using a wood bat.

4. Catcher’s Bag

Catchers have significantly more equipment than the average ballplayer. In addition to the basics, like bats and gloves, they have to lug around their catcher’s equipment as well.

This includes a catcher’s helmet, mask, chest protector, and knee pads. They also have a specific glove designed for the position.

You will need an Easton catchers bag to hold this additional gear. These bags are larger than a bat bag and often have wheels for ease of transport.

5. Protective Equipment

Safety is a growing concern in baseball circles. There is considerable risk associated with getting hit by a baseball traveling at such high speeds.

Players are outfitting themselves with protective equipment to mitigate this risk. This includes elbow and ankle protection for hitters.

Another popular accessory is heart guards that go underneath the player’s jersey. These are designed to protect the heart in case a player is hit.

A Recap of Baseball Accessories for Players

Everyone knows you need a glove and a bat to play baseball. The truth is that many accessories are needed as well. The equipment listed above will help ensure the player’s safety and high performance.

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