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Thursday, 23 April 2020

 Kratom is an evergreen tree belonging to the same family as coffee with a botanical name Mitragynaspeciosa. It was first discovered in Southeast Asian countries and harvested for its leaves. Naming of Kratom strains is based on the region they grow naturally and each strain can be differentiated by the color on the stems and veins on the leaves. 

 Whether you are new to the Kratom world or you’ve been using it for years, we understand that understanding different strains is not easy. For this reason, we will help you know more about Mitragynaspeciosa with our simple kratom strains chart.

Kratom strains chart – colors and effect

Red vein Kratom

Red vein Kratom is by far the most popular Kratom in the market today. Red vein Kratom is so-called since the veins and stems on the leaves are red. The potency of this strain is associated with a high concentration of alkaloids. The drying period for red vein Kratom takes longer than for the white or green vein, a process that increases the concentration of alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. The two compounds are the most potent alkaloids making this strain very useful.

Red veined Kratom is associated with several beneficial effects which are as a result of the influence of alkaloids on the body and mind. Red-veined Kratom types increase body energy and enhance mental performance. Also, the strain boosts mood and increases appetite. For the stimulation of body energy and mental alertness, red vein Kratom is the best. Owing to an increased number of red vein Kratom enthusiasts, the demand for this strain is very high, resulting in increased production in areas where it grows.

White vein Kratom

White stems and mid veins on the leaves characterize white vein Kratom. The products obtained from the processing of white-veined Kratoms do not yield a white powder. The word white only connotes the color on the vein before processing. Even though white vein strains are not as popular as the red vein, this strain is also rich in alkaloid content and is better for some effects than the red veins. Most Kratom enthusiasts go for white vein Kratom for milder effects. The processing steps for this strain slightly differ from the red vein due to a shorter drying period. While the red vein Kratom dries under the sun, drying of white vein takes place indoors. The result is a high concentration of certain alkaloids in the leaves.

White vein is particularly popular in the Kratom family due to its effect on cognitive performance. It is argued that due to its lower concentration of alkaloid, it can induce a relaxed mental state. Other effects associated with white vein Kratom include;
  • Increase body energy
  • Improve sexual desire
  • Induce appetite
  • Boost mood
Green vein Kratom

The network of veins running through the green vein Kratom is green in color. Due to its moderate effects, green vein Kratom is regarded as an intermediate between red and white vein Kratom strains. Drying of the green veined leaves takes place initially under the sun. After attaining a certain level of moisture content, they are taken indoors where complete drying takes place. The drying technique ensures that the concentration of 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine is moderate. However, there is a balanced concentration of other alkaloids, making this strain unique.

Most Kratom enthusiasts prize this strain since it does not have the potential of addiction or causing harmful side effects. If you are seeking for moderation with Mitragynaspeciosa, then green vein Kratom could be the best choice. Green vein Kratom is associated with energy boosts in the body, healthy brain functionality, enhanced appetite, and boosting self-confidence. Although green veined Kratom is not highly regarded as the white and red veins, there is no better strain for starters and those looking for mild stimulations than the green subvariety.

Yellow Kratom strain

There is nothing like yellow vein Kratom. I know that might sound ironic, but the truth is that this strain is an enhanced version of the white vein Kratom. The leaves are taken through a series of processing stages that ensure the final products have a yellow hue. It is thought that the yellow color develops due to the interaction between chemicals in white vein Kratom subjected to unique treatments. These treatments aim at increasing the potency of this new “strain”. However, the strength of yellow Kratom is also dependent on where the particular white vein originates from. Studies have shown that soil conditions and climate differ between regions, and these variations influence the chemical concentrations of plant-based compounds.

The aim of processing white vein to form yellow Kratom is to increase the potency to match or surpass that of red vein Kratom. For this reason, yellow Kratom has almost the same effects as red vein Kratom. With responsible handling, yellow Kratom causes a surge of body energy and activates the brain cells. The result is a feeling of relaxation and excitement. There are valid reports that this strain has changed lives by increasing libido, enhancing sleeping patterns and improving self-esteem. You should be cautious when dealing with yellow Kratom since any mistakes may lead to undesired results.

Gold Kratom

When the popularity of red vein Kratom increased, Kratom processors began carrying out experiments on the strain. The aim was to find out whether they could alter some of its aspects to achieve a different product. After many attempts and alterations of the processing conditions, Gold Kratom was made. The final products have a golden brown color. Although gold Kratom is relatively new in the market, it is gaining popularity at a skyrocketing speed. The reason is thought to be linked with its association with one of the best Kratom strains; the red vein.

Some of the effects associated with gold Kratom include the enhancement of psychological stability, increased body energy, sexual performance, and improved sleep enjoyment. Due to the high alkaloid content in Gold Kratom, inappropriate use of this strain may cause exaggerated effects. Always consult vendor information before handling Gold Kratom to enjoy the results without suffering the pitfalls.

Bottom line

There are so many Kratom strains available today. However, most people are not able to differentiate between these strains. Generally, there are three significant strains of Kratom that include red-veined, white-veined, and green-veined. The other two colors gold and yellow don’t occur naturally, but are created by Southeast Asian farmers. The five different strains contain varying concentrations of alkaloids and different levels of potency. The red vein is considered the most potent, followed by a white vein and lastly a green vein. However, individual strains are capable of producing better results for specific effects than others. If you didn’t know anything about color coloration, we hope that you find our Kratom strains chart useful.
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