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Let's See How House Call Doctor Visits May Help Seniors
Friday, 06 November 2020

As you or your loved ones become older, going to the doctor’s office for an appointment may be tough, sometimes even impossible!

Sometimes, the elderly isn’t able to walk on their own or travel far, feeling too frail for the distance. Other times, they might have degenerative diseases that make going out of the house difficult for them and whoever cares for them. Plus, going out can expose seniors to hard weather or germs that increase the risk of illnesses!

The solution? A good house call or home doctor Brisbane meant to diagnose and treat seniors.

But what is a house call doctor and how do they help seniors? Read on to find out!

What is a House Call Doctor?

As the name suggests, house call doctors are medical professionals that visit patients in their homes rather than patients visiting their clinics. This isn’t a new trend, but something that people have been doing decades ago! About 85 years ago, over 40% of patients used to see their doctors in their homes rather than in hospitals or offices.

This was useful for those who were confined to a bed or unable to travel to receive necessary medical care. While the majority of patients now head to clinics and hospitals for their doctors, house call medicine is slowly making a comeback.

There are now house-call programs available to help those who have chronic conditions, as well as seniors.

During such house call visits, which last for around an hour, the doctor will review the patient’s chart and medication, as well as perform a medical exam. Doctors may change the medication or alter its dosages for the patient’s safety. The goal for house call medicine is to give the best care possible and help maintain proper health for patients, preventing hospitalizations that can be avoided.

Why Do House Call Doctors Help Seniors?

Now that you know what house call doctors do, how exactly do they help seniors? Here are the following benefits they offer:

1. More Convenience

There are so many reasons why seniors would prefer a house call doctor, mainly because of their convenience. For an able-bodied patient, going to clinics isn’t a huge issue. But this isn’t the case for senior dependents.

For instance, those with chronic conditions are usually less mobile, making doctor trips tough and tiring. Or, those wheelchair-bound require help from trusted ones to just get out of the house, making it stressful for them. And that’s not good if the patient is already feeling under the weather!

House call doctors remove that stress for seniors. You just need to make a call for an appointment and they will come to you instead. It gives the senior patient more comfort and less stress, while still receiving the medical care they need.

2. Receive Personalized Medical Care

As mentioned, house call doctors are more convenient yet still provide proper health care for senior patients. Furthermore, patients also receive better and more personalized medical care.

Think about it: When you bring the senior patient to a doctor, you’ll have to wait for them before their turn comes up. But after an hour or so of waiting, how long will the consultation take? Nowadays, patients are getting less time with their doctors, which is a bad thing, especially when senior patients need time to develop trust and rapport with their doctor!

With a house call doctor, they will give the senior patient undivided attention during the home consultation. They will also make sure they receive personalized medical care based on any requirements and preferences. And going back to convenience- No more waiting for hours in the doctor’s office for the senior patient’s turn!

3. Cost-Efficient in the Long Run

Senior healthcare can be quite pricey, especially when the senior patient has one or more chronic illnesses! Fortunately, having a house call doctors can save you more in the long run.

For instance, house call doctors will help one save on transportation expenses, which can cost a lot especially if they have special needs. Statistical data has also shown declines in hospital readmissions and decreases in emergency room visits and inpatient hospitalizations.

You may be able to find house call doctors within your budget, and as the number of house call doctors rise, it’s easy to find those who offer upfront and transparent fees so you know how much it will be. Plus, many house call doctors may be covered by insurance!

However, take note that these benefits are only reaped if you choose the reputable house call doctor the patient trusts. Before you book an appointment, make sure that you and the patient understand the services the doctor provides, as well as his fees, billings, and if your insurance covers it. Also, the doctor should be easy to communicate with and help the patient feel at ease, especially if they have conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Wrapping It Up

House call doctors are now coming back in the midst of the pandemic and thanks to the benefits it has to offer for seniors. With its amazing and helpful advantages, seniors can now feel safer and at ease as they are being cared for in the comforts of their own home. So, if you or your senior loved one is due for a checkup, get a house call doctor instead and have them come to you for a consult.
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