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 Let’s face it, there’s nothing enjoyable about menopause.  It’s one of life’s changes we as women all have to face at some point in our lives.  No amount of yoga, meditation or medication eliminates all the symptoms both emotionally or physically.  But there is one thing we can all do; something women have been doing since the beginning of time – coming together to discuss menopause as a group.

Introducing: Our Journey Menopause

Our Journey Menopause is an online menopause support forum that provides resources, education and other services women can trust while going through this life-altering change.  It is a warm and welcoming community where women are encouraged to be vulnerable – as someone else has almost certainly experienced the same issue.  Whether you are only beginning to experience symptoms, are a seasoned veteran, or just want to know what to expect, Our Journey Menopause was created for you.

Our Journey Menopause was started by a woman who began to experience early perimenopause symptoms at age 36.  After frustration finding a doctor willing take her seriously, she became her own advocate and chose to use this information to empower other women.  Her goal is to share her journey with other women so they too can make things just a little smoother.  Women should not be afraid to say they are experiencing “The Change”.

Our Journey Menopause covers a variety of topics to suit a woman’s needs, no matter what phase or how they are experiencing it.

Menopause forum: Symptom Relief

A discussion forum for women seeking advice on how to relieve symptoms related to perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause.

Menopause forum: Questions

What is normal?  The reality is, everything is ‘normal’ as each woman experiences menopause differently both physically and emotionally.

Menopause forum: Nutrition, Fitness and Weight Gain

How will menopause affect you physically?  What to expect; how have others dealt with it?

Menopause forum: Relationships

Perhaps the most difficult to sort out; how to handle relationships before, during and after menopause.  This includes work, friends, family and other relationships.

Don’t think you have to experience menopause alone.  And don’t think menopause has to be a negative experience – with the right support, it can actually be an empowering journey.  By reaching out through a menopause support group, not only will you find encouragement from people just like you, but create bonds that could last you a lifetime.

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Our Journey Menopause
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