Our Favorite Comedy Serials Helping Us Get By This Quarantine

Life needs more laughs, especially during these unprecedented times when positivity is hard to spread and achieve. Like, seriously, when was the time your mind felt relaxed and you told yourself that these difficult times got nothing on you? It’s been a while since you thought that way, hasn’t it?

Well, to help you relax your minds in these times, we’ve made a list of our favorite comedy shows of all time.

So, now, all you need to do is sit back and put these shows on streaming one after the other and have the best time of your life, while practicing social-

distancing. If you aren’t a fan of streaming, then with Spectrum channel lineup you can get access to hundreds of HD TV channels to watch your favorite comedy shows, the way they’re meant to be!

Curious to know about which top comedy shows we have picked for you? Let’s find out!

The Simpsons

Starting off with a classic, who doesn’t know of the Simpsons from the Springfield? Ever since its launch in 1989, this animated series has remained consistent in taking its audiences through endless satirical (sometimes controversial) adventures.

The show is still running, which means if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it in a while, you can still do it, without doing any sort of binge-watching to catch up on the recent plot twists. It would suffice to say, The Simpsons is the cartoon show that adults didn’t know they needed in their lives. It is also available on Spectrum on demand.

The Office

If you’re into documentaries that make you fall off the couch with laughter – or mockumentary to be precise – then The Office could be your next favorite thing to watch. The series is based on a typical group of office colleagues, who deal with rib-tickling nuisances every day.

Modern Family

Modern Family is another mockumentary that helms around one big family consisting of a gay couple, a multicultural couple, and a typical couple, each dealing with shenanigans of daily lives. Let us give you a heads up, the joke timings are unreal in this one and you might end up with a serious case of uncontrollable laughter, so you better be ready for it.

Arrested Development

Just when you thought your family puts you through a lot, meet Michael Bluth (played by Jason Bateman), who plays the role of a widower and a father to a 13-year-old. The show picks up its pace when Michael’s father gets arrested for committing fraudulent activities and now, its Michael’s duty to keep his family together. There’s panic, there are new characters making in and out of the show every now and then, and there are a lot of jokes that we bet you’ll find extremely hard to stop laughing at.

The Big Bang Theory

With Jim Parsons’ iconic portrayal of Sheldon Cooper comes The Big Bang Theory. The characters, the concept, the dialogues, everything about this show keeps getting better as it paces. The Big Bang Theory story revolves around a group of nerds, each with a brilliant mind, and fully aware of how everything in the universe works. Except their brilliance fails to help them interact with ladies, especially the one who moves in next door.

Summing it Up

Comedy shows have been great anti-depressants, especially in times like these. Of course, if we had the time we would’ve added some more comedy shows, but for now, let’s just keep things short.

If quarantine is not treating you well and you constantly find yourself dealing with episodes of boredom, then keep your mind distracted with these rib-tickling comedy shows because, hey, we all could use a little bit of laughter to get by these hard times, no?
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