R4 3DS VS R4 Switch, which can crack Nintendo Switch V9.0.0?
R4 3DS, which is famous for hacking the Nintendo 3DS. R4 Switch, which is used to cracking the Nintendo Switch. If you can only choose one of them, which is better to buy for those of you living in Italy and USA? Here is the answer.

 R4 card for Nintendo 3DS

R4 card for Nintendo 3DS, it is what we call R4 3DS as well. The flash card with R4 title and works on the Nintendo 3DS system handhelds are the R4 3DS. Their major funcion is to play free DS games on Nintendo 3DS, also works on all 3DS variants, including the 3DS XL, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL, 2DS and NEW 2DS XL. Their price is always very cheap, lower than 20€, but with the price, R4 3ds can play over 1000+ DS games on your machines.

R4 card now works on 3DS highest firmware version 11.11.0 to the lowest 1.1.0, it is also compatible with DSI firmware V1.4.5 and all lower ones. So no matter you have the Nintendo 3DS or NDS series models, you can buy the R4 3DS to play free games and homebrews.

The setup of R4 3DS is simple and safe too, users are only need to download firmware and game roms to a memory microsd card, then insert the sd card to R4 3DS, put the R4 3ds to your 3DS or NDS console slot, then everything should work. 

R4 for Nintendo Switch

There is a Unique R4 product for Nintendo Switch, that's the R4s dongle from R4i-sdhc.com. It's very different from the R4 3ds flashcard, because the R4 dongle isn't a flashcard or modchip at all. This R4 for Switch includes a usb dongle and a joycon jig, the usb dongle is for sending payload to Nintendo Switch, the joycon jig is to turn Switch to RCM mode. Then download any custom firmware such as SX OS, Atmosphere or ReiNX to your Switch SD Card, your R4s dongle can boot it on your console.

Once your Nintendo Switch has one CFW, it means you already Crack it, then you can download free Switch games to play and launch the third-party homebrews on it. R4 dongle can work on most of Nintendo Switch, not for All.

The Patched Nintendo Switch, the New Switch model and Switch Lite, R4s dongle can't work on them. If you have the original Nintendo Switch console and wonder to know you can hack it or not, join this Discord https://discord.gg/4hgvJY8, you can get your answer there.

R4 3DS VS R4 Switch, which is better to buy in Italy and USA?

R4 3DS and R4 Switch, both of them you can get in Italy and USA, there are many online retailers for selling them, for example the Italiamods.com and Anxchip.com. The first is for Italy and the latter is for America. 

In fact, because of their different compatibility, no reason to compare them or to decide which one is better. Because if you have Nintendo 3DS, R4 3DS is the answer. But if you have Switch, you should only buy the R4s dongle. 
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