Rahul Balaram Shares Ten Tips for Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer
Tuesday, 03 December 2019

Criminal charges can affect all aspects of life. It can create rifts in your personal and work relationships, as well as negatively affect your career. That’s why if you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to have the right criminal defense lawyer representing you.

In this article, attorney Rahul Balaram shares ten tips to help you choose the right criminal defense lawyer for your case.

Taking the time to carefully compare the legal qualifications of each prospective attorney may seem tedious, but it is investing in your future. Finding a criminal defense lawyer that is right for your unique case will greatly improve your ability to prepare a successful defense for the courtroom.

Here are ten tips to help you with the search.

1. Trust Your Gut

The most important part of choosing a lawyer is trusting your feelings.You don’t necessarily have to get along with them like friends, but you should feel comfortable working with them and have confidence in their abilities.

2. Ask Around

Ask others if they would recommend a lawyer they have worked with before. Good reviews and referrals from people are all signs that their lawyer knew what they were doing, did an excellent job, and would be a good candidate for representing your case.

3. They Should Be Confident

Your lawyer should be totally confident in your case. It shows they have the experience and expertise to win it.

4. Check Online Reviews

Sites like Facebook and Google don’t usually allow businesses to remove negative reviews, so you can be sure their reviews are accurate. Check the state’s bar records, as well, to see what their current standing is and whether they’ve ever had a formal complaint or punishment.

5. Look for Experience

Someone right out of law school may have the confidence and enthusiasm for your case, but their lack of experience may lower your chances of winning your case.

Lawyers with plenty of experience in criminal law and the local courts are more likely to provide you with reliable services. They know what they’re doing and how to get results.

6. Be Aware of Charges

Make sure to shop around. Lawyers who charge more may not be worth their price tag, and they should be clear with you of their rates.

7. They Should Be Quick to Respond

Being quick is crucial in a court case.A lawyer who is easy to work and communicate with should be able to speak to or meet with you right away.

8. It Should Be Their Specialty

There are many different types of specialties, but for a criminal case, you should find someone who specializes in and currently practices criminal law.

9. They Are Knowledgeable

No one wants a lawyer who doesn’t know how to defend them.A well-seasoned, highly educated lawyer should be able to rattle off basic legal information off the top of their head.

10. They Work with You

They should be working with you throughout the whole process and be willing to carry out every one of your wishes.After all, it is concerning your case and your life.

About Rahul Balaram:
Rahul Balaram is an experienced and dedicated attorney that has represented hundreds of clients. Mr. Balaram takes pride in ensuring his clients are aware of every aspect of their case and that their interests are presented with dignity, compassion, and competence.

Rahul opened the Balaram Law Office in Santa Rosa and is widely known for his excellent trial skills, his unrelenting work on behalf of his clients, and the outstanding results that his clients receive.In light of the above, federal and state courts differ in terms of jurisdiction, the right thing to do is hire criminal lawyers in sydney if you are accused of a crime!

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