Redesign your art with sola wood flowers
Thursday, 06 August 2020

 For centuries, people have been finding some epic styles and sources to recreate their home and surroundings. This is what made them search different places and cater down the best out of the normal stuff. One of these searches sprouts as the sola wood flowers. Didn’t you hear about it before? It is an artificial flower that is hand made by using the wood of a tree called tapioca tree. This tree is currently available in most regions of the world. the most amazing thing about this flower is that they are long-lasting. 

 Yea, you heard it right. Unlike those natural ones that die very soon, these flowers live for years. This is the basic reason why these flowers are used for decorative purposes. So, if you want to redesign the concept of your art and beauty, learn about how to make wooden flowers. Once, you are done, you will be able to enjoy everything associated with them. This is no doubt an amazing chance to fascinate your friends and family around. Above all, you can have a chance to start your art and crafts business in this way.


There are several ideas which people try to adopt for sola wood flowers. Some of them are way too enchanting. People not only use these ideas for day to day usage but also try to avail them for their big day. This is the reason why they not only fetch them online but also try to learn to make them. 

1. Corsage and boutonniere

When it comes to the big day, people try to have everything beyond their expectations. If you are the one search for Corsage and boutonniere near me, you are probably at the right spot. They can be bought online very easily with the option of customization of the designs as well as the colors of the flowers to match with your theme. What else could be this manageable? Pf course nothing. 

2. Entrance decoration

Especially on the wedding day, entrances count a lot because of the fact 
“The first impression is the last impression”
Hence, you should try to fascinate your guests from their very entrance to your ceremony. You can have sola wood flowers either hanging on the top or fixed on a frame to revive the excellence of fairytale art.

3. Backdrops

Backdrops are the favorite of everyone. This is both for your home and wedding eve. You can offer your guests and visitors an amazing chance to make memories by getting pictures done in front of the sola wood flower backdrops. This will make them remind you every time they see their beautiful pictures.

4. Wall hangings

If you are fond of decorating home, you can’t over the idea of wall hangings made of sola wood flowers. this is also really possible today. You can either try it by yourself or order it online to avail of them. One of the most amazing parts is that, they don’t attract insects and hence they are not messy at all.

5. Centerpieces

You can try to make sola wood flower centerpieces in both your home and also for your wedding day. You can even match them with your room or eve them. This is something really attractive to the guests. Since they are eco-friendly flowers so your surrounding will not get harm in any way. this is the reason why people prefer them more than those synthetic flowers.


Sola wood flowers are everyone’s favorite due to several reasons. If you are worried about how to make sola wooden flowers, just leave this and fetch them online by your choice. 
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