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Relocating with Pets to the UAE: Rules and Regulations to Keep into Account
Wednesday, 27 December 2017

You are ready to move to the UAE but you got an extra little matter to take care of… you have a pet. Relocating on your own is one thing, but doing it with a pet is a completely different one, because you need to take care of extra rules and regulations that will apply.

Although, there is nothing to worry about, because this new article will make sure to explain you it all, so you can start working on it and relocate stress-free.

However, there is a word of caution: plan this with plenty of time in advance. Wise Move advises that you should do that, because they have dealt with potential clients who needed to move but had not taken enough time to comply with the regulations. Do not commit the same mistake.


There are three main points you will need to keep in check:

1. Your pet needs to have an official APHIS 7001 health certificate (within 10 days of departure)

2. You will need to implant a special microchip in your pet (which complies with international standards and regulations)

3. Your pet needs to be up to date with all the necessary vaccinations

If your pet does not comply with all of these points, then you will not be able to move with it to the UAE.

Important: the USDA office and UAE Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries should stamp the APHIS 7001 health certificate. Make sure to do this, otherwise you may face certain complications.

That is for the US, but the requirements may vary for different countries. However... there is something you need to know:

some dog breeds are FORBIDDEN from entering the UAE. Here you have the list:

1. Japanese Tosa

2. Pit Bull Terriers

3. Brazilian fighting dog

4. American Staffordshire terrier

For a more complete list and explanation, you can refer to the following document:

Other Important Regulations:

There is another important step to complete: to relocate with your pet to the UAE, you will need an import permit from the Ministry of Environment and Water. Therefore… how can you get it? The process is not hard at all and you will need just a few things:

1. A copy of your passport

2. A vaccination card for your cat or dog

3. A microchip certificate, or on the other hand, a microchip number written down on the vaccine book

Moreover, you also need to remember that you need to transport your pets as cargo. That is why we recommended you two airlines that do an excellent job with this, because they are pet-friendly.

Finally, these are some extra steps you will have to complete to successfully bring your pets to the UAE:

1. Your pet needs to be examined within 48 hours prior to travel, in order to discard any disease or presence of parasites

2. Although it is not mandatory, you should keep the certificate of this examination

Now that you know more about the regulations and rules, it is about time to give you some tips to make this process as stress-free as possible. Let’s get into it.

Tips for Relocating the Stress-free Way:

If you want to make this process very smooth, then our advice is to work with any of the following airlines: Lufthansa or KLM. They are pet-friendly, therefore, they will make things much easier for you.

As your pet will be traveling alone for a long time, you have to bring it some relief, and by putting a familiar toy, you will greatly reduce stress.

You should not move with your pets during Ramadan, because of business closures. They will make the process more tedious, and this will not be good for your pets.

Finally, keep the following facts into account:

1. You cannot take your dog to beaches or public parks in Dubai

2. You cannot take your dog to public areas in Abu Dhabi

3. Make sure that your rental allows you to have a pet

Regulations are way more different than most Western countries. Therefore, it is better for a small breed dog to live here than a bigger one, because in cities like Abu Dhabi the access to public areas is restricted.

However, you can find a great variety of pet shops, pet grooming centers and pet sitting services, especially in Dubai. Therefore, your pet will have pretty much everything it needs to be healthy and happy. Just remember that walking outside during summer is almost impossible due to the extreme heat.


Now you are aware of the regulations and rules that govern relocating with pets to the UAE. Be very careful with them and plan it all with tons of time in advance. It is a delicate matter, and therefore, you need to handle it responsibly.


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