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Scariest Halloween Costumes for this Halloween - Dublin Costume Shop
Saturday, 27 October 2018

The best and biggest holiday for all fans of the macabre and horror is right around the corner. With the Halloween being a huge event in Ireland, it is no wonder that so many people are frantically trying to find horror costume ideas for this event. The same could be for a party, trick or treating with the kids or something completely different taking place on this night. But, in any of these cases, having a great costume idea is crucial. Sure, some will be trying to find the funniest costumes this year, but for any true horror fan, the whole setup is only about two crucial thing - being scary and being cool-looking. To help with that process, here is the breakdown of the top scary costume ideas for this season that will work for any horror fan.

The Purge Getup Costume

The Purge series of movies is one of the modern classics of action and horror that seems to be only getting bigger and bigger. With a huge film that appeared in the previous summer, it is definitely one of the top Halloween costumes in Ireland. The key part of the same costume is the recognizable mask, followed by some type of firearm or cold weapon. The person will be instantly recognizable and for all the good and creepy reasons.

Frankenstein Costume

This might sound like the biggest cliche in the horror costume book, but it is actually one of the great opportunities to be creative. The idea is to dress up the same Frankenstein figure into a suit that is modern, while the head remains very traditionally painted and decorated. This will place the classic horror figure into the contemporary world and make of it something very interesting for all who like horror.

Mummy in Dia de Muerto Style Costume

Like Frankenstein, this might seem too worn out, but here, the twist includes dressing up the same mummy costume using the Day of the Dead (Dia de Muerto) from the Mexican tradition. The costume should include bandages, but also the fabulous skeleton face paint that made this costume so recognizable across the whole world. This blend of two strong types of horror will combine with each other, making something scary, new and fresh in terms of the actual costume.

Plague Doctor Costume

There is no need to underline how scary the real plague was. Today, centuries after, the notions of this outbreak is still strong in the collective subconscious. From this period, the costume of the plague doctor, with the Venice-inspired beak mask will send shivers down anyone’s spine. Followed by the right type of robe and all of the accompanying details, this costume is the one to beat when it comes to the real-life sources of true gut-wrenching horror.Dublin costume shop provide you everything in low prices

Lord Voldemort Costume

The ultimate evil figure of the Harry Potter movies, Lord Voldemort is a cool horror figure for any party opportunity. He is certainly among the top scary costume ideas and for all the right reason. The terrifying face accompanied by the spooky clothing will be a true treat for any Harry Potter and horror fan out there.

With these simple but effective ideas, anyone in Ireland will be able to find the best possible horror costume for this Halloween.


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