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Surrogacy and Egg Donation
Wednesday, 01 January 2020

 With shocking statistics on the world’s growing population, it is not readily apparent that rates of infertility among both men and women is increasing.  Both science and healthcare are unsure as to the reason, however, infertility seems to be pegged to rates of consumption of unhealthy food, lack of physical health, obesity, poverty and other conditions.  The process of becoming pregnant and carrying a child through to birth is highly complex and requires the most optimal conditions possible.

 But there is an answer

Arising from the need for infertile couples to have children, advanced in health and science have made surrogacy a safe, healthy, and viable option for many people.  Surrogacy is defined as giving birth to a child that is meant for someone else.  In most cases, it involves a surrogate mother who is carrying a child she is not biologically related to – meaning in-vitro fertilization (IVF) was used to create an embryo using donor sperm and a donor egg.  Psychologically it is preferred that the surrogate mother not be related to the child to avoid separation problems after birth.

Surrogacy agencies

Where do people find a surrogate mother, egg donor and sperm?  In some rare cases, a couple in need of surrogacy can turn to a friend or family member, a sister, for example.  And there isn’t necessarily a need to science and medicine to intervene.  For everyone else, there are surrogacy agencies that specialize in connecting all the people involved including the necessary legal arrangements and medical professionals.  A good surrogacy agency will develop a database of quality egg donors and surrogate mothers – the two most critical factors in the surrogacy process.  Donor sperm is easier to find as the effort involved is significantly less than that of the female.  In many areas of the world, women can be compensated for their egg donation and carrying the baby to birth.

How to find a surrogacy agency?

One of the top surrogacy agencies in the world is a San Diego egg donation and surrogacy agency called Conceptual Options.  Part of the reason they are highly rated is they are an international company; although they are located in California to take advantage of the state’s favorable surrogacy laws, Conceptual Options is able to help people all over the world.  They have the highest quality egg donor and surrogate mother database in the world as they have been in the business since 1999.  Although most of their initial clientele was from the United States, they are seeing demand from China and other parts of the world, even from places where surrogacy is not legal in their country of origin.

If you are suffering from infertility, please do not hesitate to reach out to a surrogacy agency.  They are here to help people just like you build families.  They generally have a caring staff and provide a warm, supportive environment to all who come through their door.

For more information, please visit:
Conceptual Options
13025 Danielson St. Suite 200
Poway, CA 92064
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