Synthetic Turf: Why you need to fake it?
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

 Synthetic turf is almost indistinguishable from real grass for the naked eye. It provides a consistent look and pleasant feel all around the year. This fake grass is durable enough to withstand all kind of weather. It is a perfect alternative with low maintenance for those who are not able to commit the efforts and time necessary to maintain the beauty and greenery of the original grass.

 Unlike real grass, the synthetic turf does not have to be cultivated or needs no specific maintenance as water and fertilizers are not required. It is easy to install, available in all shapes, sizes, and fibre pile heights, and is also more eco-friendly than its natural counterpart in many ways.

The environmental impact of synthetic turf:

Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but in many ways, this artificial grass beats its original version for green practices:
  • Generates less pollution:
In this time of technology advancement, all the gardening chores, including mowing the lawn has become incredibly easy. Although the use of leaf blower and mower is a part of everyday life, but most of people have no idea how much these tools are polluting the air. Even the most eco-friendly and advanced tools still produce dangerous emissions at an individual level.

On the other hand, artificial grass needs no tools to remain in shape. Within a few minutes by using old, eco-friendly, gardening tools, it can be maintained. It looks so immaculate and fresh for a long time with minimal efforts.
  • Low water consumption:
Water is a vast commodity now, not only for dry areas but in general too. In hot summer days, your lawn can suffer badly when water gets incredibly scarce. Natural grass consumes almost 50% of all water used inland, and this can be easy to imagine that it is a colossal waste and expensive activity also.
Your synthetic lawn needs no water. By switching to artificial turf, it is possible to save millions of gallons of water and a significant reduction in water bill can also be observed.
  • Synthetic turf produces no water contaminations:
The pesticides and fertilizers have become essential to keep natural lawn in shape. All these contaminations affect the local drinking water sources seriously. During rain or watering the grass, these weed killers and fertilizers with powerful and heavy chemicals absorb into the ground. They can contaminate the groundwater and oceans.

Artificial grass needs no chemicals to grow and remain fresh. It also does not attract the bugs, weeds, or pests that omit the use of pesticides and weed killers.


With all these ecological benefits, synthetic turf looks natural, right down to the thatch that covers the infill. Grass blades of turf look original, sway like real grass blades, but not mat down with heavy foot traffic. It can hold its natural texture for several years with no need for extensive maintenance or repair. So if you wish to spend less time maintaining your garden and more time to enjoy it, then synthetic turf is the best and cost-effective solution.
EXOTICGARDENS provides artificial grass for private properties, homes, and commercial facilities. You get the ‘’best in class’’ turf products with sufficient warranty.
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