The Benefits of the Ponytail Facelift
Wednesday, 16 December 2020

 Even though traditional facelifts can be quite effective, there are some clear drawbacks as well. That type of lift often leaves scars around the ears, and that damaged tissue could have a big impact on an individual’s appearance. Traditional lifts might also result in damaged fatty tissue because that layer is physically lifted away from the skin and muscle. Over time, the damaged tissue could create an unnatural or aged appearance. If you would like to restore your youthful beauty but want to avoid some of those drawbacks, then you might want to consider getting a Ponytail facelift in Los Angeles.

 What Can be Treated?

Patients will be glad to hear that a variety of imperfections throughout the entire face and neck can be treated during this cutting-edge procedure. In addition to minimizing the appearance of loose skin throughout the jowls and neck, this procedure can also eradicate age-related blemishes near the nose and eyes. As you can see from the facelift before and after photos, many patients enjoy a completely refreshed and rejuvenated appearance after this procedure. This operation will be particularly beneficial if your imperfections have been caused by loose skin and a lack of fatty tissue. 
Your Personalized Procedure
After you have taken a look at the facelift before and after photos, you will probably wonder exactly what takes place during this procedure. Due to the location of the treatment site, the first step in this process is administering a general anesthetic. That drug will put you completely to sleep so that you don’t feel anything at all during the operation. After that drug has been administered, two small incisions can be made behind the years. The placement of those incisions is very important because the scars are going to be nearly invisible. 
The surgeon can then begin the process of carefully adjusting the face in vertical movements. During a traditional facelift in Los Angeles, a surgeon might pull the skin horizontally, and that could damage some of the soft tissue. When the tissue is damaged, the results typically won’t last as long. Luckily, those issues can be avoided with this unique procedure. Your surgeon is also going to rejuvenate your skin with regenerative cells that stimulate the body’s natural healing process.
Enjoy a Quick Recovery
Practically every cosmetic procedure is going to require some type of recovery period, but a few of them are particularly invasive. That is one of the reasons why many people have turned to the Ponytail facelift. This personalized operation damages very little tissue, and that means the patient could be back on their feet within a few days. The average patient should be able to carry out light household chores after a few days as long as they are very careful. Once a week or two have passed, you will most likely be able to resume working as well. That being said, all strenuous activities must be avoided for at least five or six weeks so that the incisions have time to heal. 
To learn more about the Ponytail facelift, you will need to speak with a surgeon who has experience with this advanced surgical technique. During that meeting, you will learn more about the many benefits of the operation as well as what kinds of results you can expect.
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