The Best Print Marketing Materials to Increase Leads and Sales

 Printed marketing assets are one of the most important places you'll be able to present your brand and can be a valuable tool to increase the awareness of your business. Many people get excited by the prospect of digital marketing, which certainly has its place in your marketing strategy, but printed materials are often the best place to start. Ensuring you have a consistent brand across your printed assets makes you look professional, but failing to do this can make you look very amateur. What printed marketing materials should you consider? 

 Business cards

This is an excellent way of giving someone your details, and even with social media that can act as a way to connect with someone and get their information, a business card is still a great way to give someone your contact details. The power of print over digital is that it's real and tangible. While a contact can be made online and forgotten instantly, a business card will stay in someone's pocket and remind them of who you are every time they see it. Make sure you keep the contact information up to date and print a new batch whenever you start running low. 

Banners and decals

If you have a physical store for your business, then ensuring it's branded up will be one of your first objectives. Start with a high-quality sign outside of your office, and then start working your way to the interior. Clear Window Decals can be used to give extra information to people walking past, such as sales or new collections that have been recently added. Banners are also useful for directing people to your store if your location is somewhat hidden, and could be a simple way to increase footfall by a significant amount.

Letterheads and envelopes

If you regularly send letters to your customers, branded letterheads and envelopes are a must. They are another way to show off your branding and make your letters seem professional and important. Choose high-quality paper when you're sending anything, and take the time to customize them when possible to make the customer feel like they are getting something made uniquely for them.


Your company brochures act as a print version of your website and are a great way of letting people know what your services are and how to contact you. You may want to have several brochures made up for each distinct service you have if useful, or may have everything in one place. The vital thing to keep in mind when producing brochures is to find the balance between too much and not enough copy. In general, a foldable A4 or A5 booklet should be able to contain all the key information you need to present to your customers. These are perfect for handing out to people at trade shows and give more information than just your business card, and will help them to decide if you're the company for them.
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