The best shows to watch on Netflix right now

 Ah, the wonderful world of Netflix. Who doesn’t enjoy settling down for the evening and binge-watching a series of your favourite show? It’s actually most of us, as Netflix is booming. Everyone has it, don’t they? 

 With a vast array of television shows, documentaries, movies and the like to watch, Netflix caters for a large audience. In fact, it pretty much has a show for us all. In terms of the other streaming services, it houses far more genres and is the home of many classic shows, such as Stranger Things, Breaking Bad and Mindhunter. It is being constantly updated too, giving its users fresh material regularly. 

With so much choose from, though, we thought we’d make that choice a tad easier for you by highlighting some of the best shows on Netflix right now. So, here goes. 

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum is a hit sitcom series created by the incredibly talented Michaela Coel. The show began in 2015 and stars Coel herself as Tracey Gordon, a 24-year-old religious virgin. One minute she’s preparing for a Halloween party by playing games like Halloween Fortune at, then the next she’s starring in a cringeworthy moment and trying to have sex with someone. Anything to avoid being like your older, uptight sister, right Tracey? If you enjoy the comedy genre, then you should definitely give Chewing Gum a go. 

The Politician

The Politician is all about a young high schooler called Payton Hobart who has always dreamt of being the President of the United States, a dream his adopted mother likes to fuel. Created by Ryan Murphy, the man behind shows such as Glee and American Horror Story, The Politician is a funny and entertaining watch. It really gets going when Payton runs for New York State Senate, but the whole show is excellent. There are a few guest appearances from the likes of Bette Midler too. 

Russian Doll

If you’re into strange shows with added comedy, then Russian Doll could be right up your alley. A runaway hit, the show focusses on New Yorker Nadia who is, rather oddly, celebrating her 36th birthday but over and over again after she continually dies during it, only to wake up and do it over and over again. Russian Doll is definitely one of the most surreal shows you’ll ever watch, but it’s brilliantly made and makes for a great watch. The cast isn’t bad either, with the likes of Greta Lee, Natasha Lyonne and Charlie Barnett in it. 


Ozark has proved hugely popular in recent times, and it is completely obvious as to why. Starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, who play parents desperate to flee from Chicago after getting involved in a money-laundering operation which goes horrifically wrong, Ozark is a compelling watch and one a lot of people can’t get enough of. Some have even compared it to Breaking Bad, especially as in the show problems tend to have a habit of catching up on you, just like they did with Walter White. 

After Life 

After Life is no The Office in terms of its tone, but the style is fairly similar in parts. It’s classic Ricky Gervais in the way that it’s dark but also incredibly funny, as you follow the life of Tony and his struggles to cope with the loss of his wife through cancer. He hates everyone, hates everything, and even contemplates suicide, before instead doing and saying whatever he likes. It sounds depressing, but it actually provides a rollercoaster of emotions, from laughter to sadness. After Life is a powerful watch. 
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