The Complete and Only Fresh Flower Care Guide You'll Ever Need

 Did you just get a bouquet of flowers delivered to your doorstep? Here's the complete flower care guide that'll help increase the lifespan of your flowers.

 Did someone just send you a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers?

It doesn't matter if they sent them to you for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, your birthday, or even "just because." You should start taking care of them right away so that they last for a long time.

Unfortunately, some people don't have the slightest clue as far as where to start when it comes to flower care. They know that they're supposed to get flowers into a vase as soon as they can, but beyond that they struggle to figure out how to care for flowers.
If you fall into this category, your flowers aren't going to stick around for very long. That's why it's important for you to learn how to take care of flowers in a vase right from the beginning.
We've prepared some flower tips that you can put to good use the next time you receive a floral arrangement. This flower care guide will walk you through the steps you should take to make sure your flowers last.
Start by Removing Your Flowers From the Plastic They Came In
When someone gives you a bouquet of flowers in person or sends them to you at home or work, there is a decent chance that they'll come in some kind of plastic. This plastic is used to protect flowers while they're being transported to their final destination.
You can keep the plastic on your flowers for a few hours if you're going to be carrying them home yourself. But once they make it to your house, you should get them out of the plastic right away.
If you fail to take fresh flowers out of the plastic they come in, they will eventually dry out on you and start to wither away. You shouldn't allow them to linger in plastic for any longer than you absolutely have to.
The second you get fresh flowers home, take the plastic off them and throw it away. It'll give you an opportunity to prepare them for a vase so that you can preserve them for as long as you can.
Use a Sharp Knife to Cut the Stems on Your Flowers
Once you've welcomed fresh flowers into your home and taken the plastic off of them, it'll be time for you to get them ready for a vase. This might seem like it would be simple enough to do—just take them and stick them in a vase full of water, right?—but it's a little more complicated than it looks.
Prior to placing fresh flowers into a vase, you should cut the bottoms of the stems so that they're able to get a steady supply of water once you stick them into your vase. If you don't do this, you're going to pretty much guarantee that your flowers won't last very long.
You should always (always!) cut fresh flowers with a sharp knife and not a pair of scissors. You could crush the stems on flowers with scissors and stop them from getting the water they need.
Rather than using scissors, take a sharp knife and cut the stems on your flowers at an angle about 2 inches from the bottom of the stem. This will open the stems up and make it super easy for them to absorb water when you place them into a vase.
Stick Your Flowers Into a Vase Filled With Water
After you've taken steps to prepare your fresh flowers for your vase, you should go ahead and fill the vase with warm water. It's easier for flowers to absorb warm water as opposed to cold water.
You should also mix in the flower preservative that comes with most floral arrangements these days or use one of your own flower preservative recipes. Either way, it'll make your flowers last longer than they will with water alone.
Do this quickly so that your warm water doesn't have a chance to cool off before you stick your fresh flowers into your vase. Once you have the water and flower preservative all mixed up, you can put your flowers into the vase and rearrange them to make your bouquet look amazing.

Find a Good Place in Your Home to Put Your Flowers

At this point, your fresh flowers will be sitting in your vase soaking up warm water and looking their absolute best. You will have put them in the perfect position to last for as long as they can.

But you're not done yet! If you stop here and don't do anything else mentioned in this flower care guide, your fresh flowers could still be in trouble in the near future.

You're also going to need to find the right place to put your flowers. Ideally, you should keep them far, far away from any windows in your home since the last thing you want to do is expose your flowers to the sun for hours on end every day.

It's OK to stick fresh flowers into the sun for a little while each day. Generally speaking, though, you should do whatever it takes to stop them from getting full sun. Too much sun will cause your fresh flowers to wilt right before your eyes.

The best place to put fresh flowers is on a kitchen table or in another place where they won't be exposed to sunlight. This will help you show them off while also keeping them fresh for an extended period of time.

Avoid Subjecting Your Flowers to Extreme Temperatures

There is another reason why you don't want to stick fresh flowers onto a windowsill when you have them in your home. Outside of exposing your flowers to the sun, you might also expose them to extreme temperatures by putting them in a window.

Flowers don't respond well when they're exposed to too much hot or cold air. This air can cause them to dry out very quickly and force you to throw them out ahead of schedule.

That's why you should keep them away from a drafty window in the winter and humidity in the summer. Both of these things will wreak havoc on fresh flowers and cause all kinds of complications.

Steer Clear of Exposing Your Flowers to Cigarette Smoke

By now, you're well aware of all the dangers that come along with cigarette smoke. Cigarettes, directly and indirectly, kill about half a million people in the U.S. every single year.

Those who smoke cigarettes often end up getting diagnosed with diseases like lung cancer and COPD. They also put those around them in danger by exposing them to secondhand smoke on a regular basis.

Additionally, smokers can kill fresh flowers in their homes if they're not careful. Fresh flowers will not respond well if they're left in the path of cigarette smoke.
This is because cigarette smoke contains ethylene gas, which is known to be deadly to lots of different types of flowers. Some flowers might be able to survive coming into contact with this gas, but many others will die almost instantly when they're exposed to it.

If you or someone else who lives in your home smokes, try to keep cigarette smoke as far away from flowers as you can. It'll stop the smoke from taking a huge toll on the flowers and killing them off.

Remove Dead Stems and Leaves From Your Flowers as Necessary

As long as you learn how to take care of flowers in a vase and follow the steps we've laid out thus far, you should be able to keep your fresh flowers alive for a long time. But sadly, there is going to come a time when some of your flowers will start to die.

That being said, you shouldn't throw out your fresh flowers at the first sign of trouble. Instead, you should go into overdrive and start taking care of your flowers even more closely once you notice that some of them are in trouble.

Start by removing any dead stems and leaves that begin to appear in your floral arrangement. This will help to keep your fresh flowers safe and make your bouquet look its best at all times.

You should get into the habit of inspecting your fresh flowers about once or twice every day to see what kind of condition they're in. The sooner you can spot dead stems and leaves, the sooner you'll be able to pick them out and prevent them from making things any worse for your flowers.

Keep the Water in Your Vase Fresh for Your Flowers

In addition to monitoring your fresh flowers for any signs of dead stems and/or leaves, you should also keep a close eye on the condition of the water in your vase. You will, in all likelihood, need to replace it with fresh water from time to time.

If you look in your vase and notice that the water in it is cloudy, that's a surefire sign that you need to replace your water ASAP. Cloudy water isn't going to do your fresh flowers very much good, and it could even kill them if you're not careful.

If you see cloudy water in your vase, here is what you should do:
  • Remove the good flowers from your vase and put them somewhere where they'll be safe for a few minutes
  • Dump out the old water from your vase
  • Use soapy water to clean out the inside of your vase (scrub hard to make sure any bacteria that might be in it is washed away!)
  • Rinse your vase out and replace your old water with fresh water that has flower preservative in it
  • Cut your good flowers again so that they're able to get immediate access to fresh water
  • Put your flowers back into your vase and give them time to soak up the water they need
You should repeat this process every time you see that the water in your vase has turned cloudy. If you don't, it's not going to be long before your old water works its way into your flowers and kills them off one by one.

Know When to Replace Your Flowers With New Ones

No matter how hard you might work to preserve your flowers by following the flower care tips that we've provided here, fresh flowers aren't going to last forever. There is going to come a time when too many flowers are dying on you at once.

When you reach this point, throw in the white towel and give up on your old flowers. It won't be worth trying to save them anymore, especially since there will be so few left that they won't look as nice as they once did anymore.

Don't give up on the idea of keeping fresh flowers in your home, though. Replace your dead flowers with new ones so that you're able to take advantage of all the benefits of keeping fresh flowers around.

You might even want to sign up for a flower subscription service so that your home isn't ever without flowers. You can have flowers delivered right to your front door every month so that you always have them in your home. It's an excellent way to learn more about flower care while beautifying your home with fresh flowers.

Use This Flower Care Guide to Keep Fresh Flowers Alive

Do you wish that you could keep fresh flowers alive for longer stretches of time? By using the flower tips that we've presented to you here, you can do it easily.
This flower care guide is designed to make it very easy to maintain flowers and keep them fresh. Use this guide the next time you bring flowers home to see how long you can make them last. You might be surprised to see how beautiful they still look after being in your home for a week or two.

Would you like to learn more about decorating your home with gorgeous flowers? Browse through the informative articles on our blog for more flower care tips.
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