The Latest Scuba Diving Accessories for Your Undersea Adventure
Wednesday, 03 March 2021

With all sorts of new technology at the ready, scuba gear is becoming more sophisticated with each passing day. Read this to learn whats the latest.

According to the 2018 DAN Annual Diving Report, 94 scuba diving-related fatalities occurred in 2016 alone. This number was above-average as compared to previous years, and, unfortunately, many of these fatalities could have been avoided.

One of the most crucial safety measures while diving is to ensure you have the proper scuba diving accessories. In fact, the Annual Diving Report found that 20% of diving-related fatalities occurred because of insufficient amounts of breathing gas.

You're headed out on your first dive, but you're nervous about getting the correct equipment to assure you're safe while exploring the wonders of the ocean. That's why we're bringing you this guide to the scuba diving accessories that are absolute must-haves.

Ready to discover the equipment that you need and the accessories you can do without? Then check out this guide for everything you need to know as a new scuba diver.

10 Scuba Diving Accessories for Safety Under the Sea

When you're new to scuba diving, you'll have to be prepared to invest in your equipment. Don't scrimp on your products, either, because these scuba diving accessories will often be the difference between a safe dive and disaster.
Before going shopping for your new scuba gear, make sure to add a few of these accessories to your checklist.
1. Scuba Fins

When it comes to scuba diving, fins are one of the most essential accessories to have. As a beginner, though, you may not be aware of the many different types of fins out there. There are open- and closed-heel fins, paddle fins, split fins, and more.
Luckily, the type of fin you choose is less important than having fins in the first place. When choosing from different scuba fins, then it's best to select the ones that fit your unique swimming style and feet the best.

2. A Scuba Tank

The other most critical accessory for scuba diving is an air tank, which is your underwater self contained breathing apparatus. Made up of a cylindrical pressure vessel and the valve, the tank is what you use to breathe underwater. You can choose from low, standard, and high service pressures.

3. Spare Air Tank

In case you run out of air during a dive, you should always bring along a spare air tank. You could get a traditional backup breather or a system that's independent of your air tank.There are also backup breathers that are more streamlined and fit in the palm of your hand. You can operate these breathers one-handed, and they sit flat against your left shoulder during the dive.

4. A Scuba Light

An LED or Hi-Beam light is vital for deep-sea divers. Make sure to choose a lamp with a broad beam. That way, you won't miss a moment of what's going on the seafloor.

5. Underwater Compass

How will you know which way to go next without a marine compass? You'll have to choose one that's non-electric, so it'll work underwater. Also, make sure the compass face is as easy to read as possible for quick and easy underwater navigation.
6. A Knife

If your equipment gets snagged on something underwater, you'll appreciate having a knife to slice yourself free. You'll want to assure you're choosing a diving knife made of steel, titanium, tempered clay, or Teflon-coated stainless steel to ensure it's rust-free.

Better yet, choose a knife with a light for easy identification of what's holding you down. This small flashlight can also come in use when you're digging through your dive bag.

7. Surface Signal

If you get into a scuba diving accident, you need something to notify people on the surface that you need assistance. There are many different types of surface signaling accessories on the market, one of which also serves as a floatation device.
Don't forget about a whistle to call for aid if you do reach the surface on your own! Some of the newer whistles out there can be heard up to a mile away.

8. A First Aid Kit

While you won't be bringing your trusty first aid kit beneath the waves, it will be handy for pre- or post-dive spills. You're toting around some heavy equipment, so don't be surprised if you slip and fall on the boat before heading undersea. A first aid kit is always good to have on hand, even if you do have the most steady sea legs around.

9. Dive Computer

Ever heard of decompression sickness? It's a condition that arises after a person experiences a rapid decrease in surrounding pressure. Considering the changes in pressure experienced by scuba divers, decompression sickness is common.Luckily, a dive computer (DC) can help. A DC will monitor no-decompression limits to help you know where to dive and which depths to avoid. You can also find backup DCs on the market to help you respond quickly if your primary DC fails during a dive.

10. A Buoyancy Control Device

While you're diving, you need to remain at neutral buoyancy. When you're on the surface, though, you need to attain positive buoyancy. That's where a buoyancy control device (BCD) comes in.This device comes with an inflatable bladder, by which you control the level of buoyancy. Keep in mind that the BCD uses air from your tank, so always make sure you have a backup in case your BCD steals all your air.

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