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The Pros and Cons of Buying Grocery Online
Monday, 03 December 2018

For people who run busy schedules, shopping for groceries online seems like a great idea. It is fast, not to mention highly convenient. However, some people will get concerned about the quality of the food and question its freshness. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of buying grocery online.

Pros of online grocery shopping

One the great advantages of online shopping is that you can browse and find what you are looking for without leaving the comfort of your home. This is as opposed to the traditional way of shopping where you will need to walk through different aisles which can be time-consuming.

For example in websites such as mercato, once you make an order, you can have the grocery delivered to your home saving you valuable time. If you are busy, you can also set the time to have your shopping delivered. This allows you more flexibility when buying your groceries.

You can forget about finding a parking space, negotiating crowds at the shopping mall or even queuing to buy your groceries. Even better, you will not have to deal with the traffic to and from the shopping mall.

Shopping for your grocery online allows you to save valuable cash as you will not have to pay parking fees or pay for gas. What’s more, you can compare prices between different online sellers to get the best deals.

Most online grocery stores take special measures to ensure that the produce on offer is fresh. After all dissatisfied customers will cause the business to lose much-needed clients as well as incur costs on the customer service department due to regular calls.

Cons of online shopping

One of the main drawbacks with online shopping has to do with the quality of the website. Some are poorly designed costing the potential customer valuable time while trying to place an order. You need to know how to navigate the specific seller’s website to be confident when making a purchase.

With slots that are more popular such as during the weekends, delivery fees may be quite high. This is more so during the holidays. It may cause some difficulty trying to get the shopping delivered during the shopper’s most appropriate time.

Online shopping takes away the human factor that you would get during the traditional method of physically going to the store. There is no interaction with the seller or other customers and you will not bump into an old friend or meet someone new.

No matter how convenient online grocery shopping may be, you will still feel like the person selecting the vegetable for you may not have meticulously chosen the freshest produce. This would not be the case if you selected your grocery yourself.

You might miss out on some great deals if they expire before your allotted time for delivery. The store might decide to offer you a different item but you will still not be as satisfied since you missed the item that you actually wanted.
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