Three Types of Lowboy Trailers and What They are Best For
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

There are many different trailer types and each has their own specific purpose. Lowboy trailers have a dropped bed, which makes them essential when moving certain types of equipment or cargo. Read on to find out what makes these trailers so important and the different types of lowboy trailers available.



What is a Lowboy Trailer?

A lowboy trailer is a type of semi-trailer that connects to a truck. Unlike a traditional semi-trailer that is at roughly the same height as the truck itself, a lowboy trailer is very low to the ground. In fact, these are the lowest types of trailers that you can get.

There are actually two drops in height. One immediately following the gooseneck that connects to the truck and one before the wheels. This allows the lowboy to carry certain loads that would be impossible with other trailers. It can also haul very tall loads that would be illegal or impractical with other trailers.

What are They Used For?

In nearly all cases, lowboy trailers are used for hauling heavy equipment. This can include bulldozers, backhoes, excavators and any other heavy vehicle. There are two main reasons for this.

First would be convenience. It's relatively easy to load heavy machinery and vehicles onto the lowboy deck because it's so low. There are no high ramps to clear. The second reason would be legality. Since they are so low, lowboy trailers can legally carry the tallest loads up to 12 feet high. These two advantages make lowboys uniquely suited for moving heavy equipment, but they can move other important loads as well. If you need to move loads like this, then either buy or rent a lowboy trailer as it will be the best for your needs.

Fixed Gooseneck Lowboys

This is one of the most common lowboy trailers and it has many advantages. The adjustable gooseneck itself makes loading drop decks much easier from the rear. It's also much easier to keep the loaded vehicles or items in place while re-attaching the gooseneck after the loading is finished.

Fixed Gooseneck

This neck stays attached to the trailer and it's very lightweight when compared to other lowboys. At the same time, this means you'll have more problems loading items from the front. It's best to use this when you need a very lightweight trailer for your hauling.

Removable Gooseneck

This includes several types of goosenecks, all of which can be removed. The hydraulic kind is easier to use as it requires little manual work, but they are more expensive and require more equipment. The mechanical kind is lightweight but requires more manual labor to remove and attach. In either case, this type of lowboy is best when the equipment is loaded via rolling, driving or pulling it onto the trailer.


Lowboy trailers are great for loading and transporting heavy equipment because they are low to the ground and legally allow transport of tall loads. This is a reliable and unique trailer type that can help move a variety of items.
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