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Tips on Choosing a Face Mask to Match Your Personal Style
Monday, 09 November 2020

 Whether you dread wearing a face mask or you look at it as a new way to accessorize, it's clear that face masks aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you've already invested in face masks that match your outfit or style or you're looking to dive into the world of trendy face masks, we're here to show you how to find a mask that matches your personal style and makes you feel confident! Like every outfit you wear, a face mask could help you feel more confident and bold. At a time when the world feels kind of bleak, we're hoping that these styling tips make you feel excited about wearing a face mask and having the opportunity to further accessorize your outfit! 


 Determine Your Style

If we were to ask you to define your style, what would you say? We have included different styles below that can help you narrow down what you like to wear best and which face mask will fit in seamlessly with your outfits. If you’re unsure of exactly what your style looks like, that’s okay! You can always see which mask style excites you most and try that. 

?? The Posh Fashionista

If your style is made up of all-black ensembles and you accessorize with gold dainty jewelry, a tuxedo black satin or silk mask will add a touch of glam to any look. These silky-looking masks will make you look and feel like a thousand bucks. You love outfits that are streamlined, simple and classic, and your mask should fall right in line with that. If you're not a fan of the satin or silk materials, try a regular plain black cotton mask. 

?? The Trendsetter

Do you follow all the trends as each season goes by? If so, you're probably also really interested in making sure your face mask is fashion-forward. Since you aren’t afraid to take risks, you will have many different masks for different seasons, trends, and outfits. This winter, Sci-Fi and structured floral patterns are a huge hit in the fashion world. So it's only right that you get yourself a cool-looking mask with either a Sci-Fi vibe or one that has sophisticated floral patterns. You could also embrace solid neon-colored masks, which is very in this year … but you already knew that! 

?? All About the Holidays
Are the holidays your favorite time of the year? If so, you most likely have all of your holiday looks already planned out. And what's better than festive masks that pair perfectly with your holiday outfits? Buffalo plaid outfits and masks are perfect for the winter and holiday season, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to this pattern. You can easily wear a buffalo plaid look with a black or red mask, or you could wear an all-black outfit with a buffalo plaid mask. You can create looks like this with virtually any holiday look or pattern, too. This is a holiday look we love!

?? Pattern-Obsessed

Are patterns and printed tops your jam? If your closet is filled with bold prints and patterns, it would be ideal to keep a couple of masks on hand that don't have a print on them but, instead, boast a few different colors that match well with the clothes in your closet. The idea is to have a mask that matches your favorite bold patterns seamlessly so that you can wear the two and not have anything clash. However, if you want to go bold with your masks, you can always put together simple outfits and then top off your look with a mask that boasts a bold pattern. We are loving cheetah and zebra prints for the winter season!

?? Floral Connoisseur

Are plus-size floral dresses your go-to? What better way to satisfy your floral craving than to have your very own floral mask? Our best style tip for florals is to find floral masks that are neutral-colored and which pair well with your other floral looks. You can also keep your florals reserved to your mask and pair them with any monochromatic outfit. Either way, you'll be getting your floral fix and looking incredibly chic while doing so.

?? The Minimalist Fashionista

If you practice a minimalist lifestyle, you'll need a mask that goes with everything so that you don't have to buy multiple masks to work for different outfits. We recommend a beige or black mask, as these colors typically can be paired with any outfit. If you currently have a capsule wardrobe, and you are able to identify a common color throughout your closet, you may want to get a mask that seamlessly weaves that color into every single one of your looks.

?? Sustainable and Ethical

Are you a fashionista who places a huge emphasis on sustainability and ethically made clothing? There are many masks out there that are sustainably and ethically made that are both cute and environmentally friendly. You can also support local artisans and the environment by shopping for handmade masks. Most sustainable and ethically made masks are created with high-quality materials that are supposed to be long-lasting, and they also come in a variety of patterns and colors.

?? Monochromatic Queen

If you love creating monochromatic looks because of the visual impact they achieve, invest in a variety of masks that come in a variation of one shade you wear the most. For example, if you wear a lot of black, you'll want to invest in masks that go from black to light gray. This will help you achieve all of your monochromatic dreams without having to worry about whether your masks match. Similarly, with the color beige, you could easily find shades from the same hue by going darker and lighter. The possibilities are endless!

Try a New Style of Mask Today!

Because we have been wearing face masks for so long, luckily there are many options out there that fit a variety of different styles. If you don't see your style or a face mask you want to be reflected here, you can easily make your own!
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