‘’Picking up or making a phone call can also become a matter of concern while dealing with phone anxiety’’.Surely it’s a fact that the calling function button of your phone is one of the least important things now because of Google, Whatsapp, and Facebook. But you still cannot avoid it completely. Even for apps that promise you to save a call, there comes a situation that could not be handled without a phone call. Making a call is of course not a big deal for most of us but for some people picking or making a call takes Herculean effort.


What is phone anxiety?

Having a panicky feeling in chest after hearing a phone ring…dialing with shaky hands and rehearsing a thousand times what you have to say, or even deciding not to answer a ringing phone, have trouble concentrating, and feeling nauseous, all are the symptoms of phone anxiety or telephone phobia.

Symptoms of Phone phobia:

If you answer any of these questions is ‘’YES’’, the phone fear you have may indeed be a phone phobia.
  • Do you feel extremely anxious before, during, or after the phone calls?
  • Your anxiety makes you delaying phone calls?
  • Feel worried about what you will say?
  • Feel any kind of embarrassment?
  • Avoid making phone calls and feel worried to receive calls also?
  • Feel obsessed about what you said on a call after a phone call?
Having phone anxiety is not a big issue but handling it properly really makes a difference.

Tips to Overcome phone anxiety:

Overcoming phone anxiety without any help of a therapist needs the following techniques:
  • Conquering your fears:
1. Try to go to the bottom of your fear and figure out what is causing it.
2. After gaining insights into your fear challenge you’re self-talk.
3. You can also work with a professional therapist in case of severe phone anxiety issues.
  • Try to manage phone calls:
1. It is important to decide when you feel a little confident to make a call.
2. First, consider the purpose of your call and then get prepared for it. It’s better to make a list or script down your points that you want to tell others.
3. It’s better to start with less distressing calls. Level your anxiety according to the types of call and try to role play with a friend before a real call.
4. Practice making more phone calls will also decrease anxiety levels.
5. Fake it till you make it, use stress ball, fidget spinner or hold a pen during the phone call, try to have a buddy during a call that is stressing by using enlist backup, and use call screening to avoid useless phone calls.
  • Use relaxation techniques:
1. Perform berating exercises that help you quickly collect yourself and decrease anxiety.
2. Yoga- workout is the best to exercise to aware of your fears and strengths. It also helps you to overcome anxiety.
3. Reward yourself after every successful phone call; it will help your brain to overcome stress and anxiety.

Minimizing the number of phone calls you need to take can also help in overcoming phone anxiety. And if you want to handle this least favorite part of your job as a business owner, contact with Front Office Solutions call answering services to get a perfect solution to your problem.
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