Top 3 Contact Lenses for Children

You might think that children and contact lenses don’t “mix” well, but there may be a benefit to it. Children can actually wear contact lenses from a very young age, some infants are fitted with contact lenses because they’re born with congenital cataracts. A recent study, involving nearsighted children ages 8 to eleven who wore contact lenses, showed that 90 percent of children had no trouble at all with applying or removing contact lenses without the help from parents.

Making the Correct Decision

Before deciding if your kids should wear contacts tale in consideration how they are handling their other responsibilities. If your kids don’t have good grooming habits, if they don’t keep their room clean, and if they need constant reminders to keep things clean and tidy then they’re not yet suited for the responsibility of wearing contact lenses.

If your kids handle their responsibilities correctly then you’ll be surprised how they are naturally great contact lens wearers. They usually stay highly motivated to wear contacts, and in most cases, adapt pretty well to them. Also keep in mind that kids follow contact lens instructions better than teens meaning they will most certainly have less problems with over-wearing or not maintaining their contacts correctly.

Kids, Contacts, Sports and Self-Esteem

The same thing applies to both adults and children, there are benefits to wearing contacts lenses when doing sports in opposition to wearing glasses. Unlike when wearing glasses, when wearing contacts there is no headgear that might cause even more injuries when colliding with another player. Also they will have a wider and less obscured vision of the playfield. Contact lenses also remain stable on your child’s eye while he’s running or jumping, unlike glasses that might slip or slide off.
There are also some benefits to you as a parent. If your child is wearing contacts you don’t have to worry about him accidentally brake the frame or crack the lenses Wearing eyeglasses can be a hit on your kid’s self-esteem because they feel very self-conscious when wearing them. Contacts are usually a solution to this problem because they can improve how your child feel about his appearance.
A recent study of 169 children who were wearing prescription glasses before they were fitted with contacts, has found that wearing contacts significantly improved how they feel about their appearance and participation in activities. 71 percent of kids ages 8 t0 12 and 80 percent of teenagers said they preferred wearing contacts to wearing eyeglasses. It was also found that 8 year old kids were just as capable of wearing and caring for the hydrogel contacts as teenagers are.Another study of 484 children who were randomly assigned to either wear eyeglasses or contacts for a period of three years, has shown that their self-perception of appearance, athletic competence and social acceptance was higher for those who wore contacts.Please note that switching your child from eyeglasses to contacts doesn’t have to be a permanent decision. Some children might not adapt well to wearing contact lenses, and you should force them to wear them. They should always be allowed to return to wearing glasses if they want to, you can always try with contact lenses later in their life.

Treating Nearsightedness at a Young Age

Another really good reason to have your child fitted with contacts is that it can significantly slow the progression of nearsightedness. Interestingly enough, a number of recent studies have shown that specially designed gas permeable contact lenses and multifocal soft contacts can provide a significant amount of myopia control in many nearsighted children.
There’s also a modified method of fitting rigid gas permeable contacts called orthokeratology has proven to be very successful in reversing nearsightedness in myopic children. It uses a specially designed gas permeable contact lenses that change the shape of the cornea while the child is wearing them when he or she sleeps. The lenses are removed in the morning enabling the child to see clearly without glasses during the day. Unfortunately this method is not a permanent solution because the lenses must be worn regularly in order to maintain clear vision.
Researchers in New Zealand have recently reported that experimental “dual-focus* soft contacts can slow the progression of nearsightedness in children between the ages of 11 and 14. However, this research is very recent and the researchers are still working on perfecting this type of contact lenses.
In the products review below I will mostly be focusing on one-day and two week contacts since they’re very easy to maintain and are also made out of hydrogel which is best for first time contact wearers.
Now, without further ado, let’s jump into the reviews!
Unlike other daily soft lens contacts, these are actually really simple to put in and remove.
These contacts are easy on the eyes, making them a perfect choice for both kid and teens.
According to some reviews these contacts might dry up after 13 hours of wear.
Dailies AquaComfort plus are high quality lenses are manufactured by Alcon. Thanks to the blink activated technology, these contacts help keep your child’s eyes from drying out, especially in air conditioned environments. They are excellent for children who spend a good portion of their day indoors. Thanks to the ultra-thin design of each lens AquaComfort plus contacts are comfortable and easy to wear.
Featuring Lightstream technology, these contacts ensure excellent performance throughout the day. Thanks to moisturizing agents that are released over time, they also provide sustained comfort.
An excellent pick for those who’ve never worn monthly contacts before.
They maintain a high level of moisture throughout the day, making them very comfortable to wear.
Digital Zone Technology helps eyes strain less when working with digital devices
Un-proper care of the lenses may cause some eye irritation so you make sure your child is taking good care of them.
If you think your child is ready for monthly contacts then Biofinity Energys contact lenses are a great choice. These are the only monthly contact lenses with a unique digital zone optics. This unique design and the materials the contacts are made of are to specially cater to patients who spend their time in front of a computer screen by helping to ease the accommodative burden of patients as they move their gaze from on screen to off screen and back.
Everyone today uses a lot of devices with digital screens, including kids. If you want to help them strain their eyes less when they're using various devices then these contacts are an excellent pick.
They are also very comfortable to wear. Thanks to the Aquaform technology, these contacts retain almost all their moisture throughout the wearing period. Another cool thing about this technology is that they have very low modulus. The modulus is the degree of a contact lens’ flexibility, and the lower the modulus, the more soft and flexible the lens.
They are made out of very soft material that ensures soft lens like wearing experience making them a perfect choice for those who have never wore weekly contacts.
Their unique design ensures they will contour to the eye almost seamlessly ensuring there won’t be any harmful protein or dirt buildup
Improper care for these lens
If you're not keen on the idea of your child wearing monthly contact lenses, maybe weekly lenses sound better. They are softer than monthly contact, and in turn a bit more comfortable to wear.
An excellent choice in weekly contacts are Acuvue 2. Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, these contacts feature a unique Infinity Edge design that ensures the contacts contoure to the eye seamlessly and also provide the feeling of wearing soft lenses.
If your child likes to spend time outside or doing sports you'll be delighted to know that these contacts also offer some level of UV protection. One of the highest UV protections available in contact lens, in fact.
All contacts manufactured by Johnson & Johnson have high a water content and great water retaining properties. This, in combination with their unique design, ensures a comfortable wearing experience and protection from protein and dirt buildup.


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