Top best guitar volume pedals

If you are playing a kind of instruments, you may have heard of the volume pedal, which is used to attenuate the signal chain of your modern guitar so you can do swells as well as other similar effects. However, when it comes to your choosing the right volume pedals for your guitar, there may be lots of challenges coming up. It is because nowadays, there are numerous kinds of guitar volume pedals available on the market. Luckily, this article will show you the way to choose the most appropriate pedals and give you some of the best products to buy.

How to choose the best volume pedals for your guitar

Volume pedals play a significant role in performing live music because they can create great effects in studio sessions. The quality of a volume pedal comes with lots of features. So, how to get your guitar volume pedal? The ideal one should be adopted some of the following categories.

Lifetime value
It is understandable why this feature is put on top of the list. As you may know, you can only use a product for a long period of time if it does not have a loss in durability.
Quality over brand or price
Even though companies try everything they can to control the habits and behaviors of customers. However, people nowadays are likely to prefer quality instead of low price or luxury brand.
Transportability for gig musicians or touring
When playing guitar, you may often carry it to numerous places to use for different purposes like stage performing, studying or teaching. Thus, the volume pedal should be transportable without easily causing damage along the way. As a result, you can use it for a longer time.
Price point
Though price should not be the first priority but you still need to calculate whether it suits your budget or not. By doing this, you can save a large sum of money for other resources that should be invested in your music.
Top best volume pedals in 2019
In order to help you get the best volume pedals, we have found top 5 best ones on the wide market, which will be listed below.
Ernie Ball VP Jr. P06180 250K Potentiometer for Passive Electronics
This product is very suitable for anyone seeking for a product that can control volume and sound of passive instruments and audio paths. The Ernie Ball VP Jr is super reliable and simple to use, especially for drummers in live bands. It is lightweight so drummers can carry along with their drums to anywhere they perform. In addition, the price is reasonable so you can totally rely on it.
If you want to note expressions, don’t worry, Ernie Ball VP can help you with that. Its versatility is appropriate with those wanting a change in the sound they create.
One of the most interesting advantage of Ernie Ball VP Jr is that it has a great selection of effects including Aqua Puss Delay or Vintage 80’s Rat Pro Distortion. This can somehow help drummers broaden their style and range to a higher level.
The small design is so unique. Thanks to this, professional drummers can make precise movements with their foot pedal. Moreover, whenever realizing an input from user, it will try to respond immediately.
Ernie Ball MVP, Most Valuable Pedal
This product also focuses on the quality of sound. It provides dynamic one which can adjust to more than 20 decibel. In addition, it is integrated with a noise cancellation technology along with a gain control so drummers can have no difficulty in controlling over their sound in the band.
Ernie Ball MVP is not so expensive while having an capability of lasting long so users can feel comfortable during the time using it. However, the DJ Pack is set up in an abnormal place, which makes it a little bit hard for any beginners.
Boss FV-500H Volume Pedal-High Impedance
Boss FV-500H does not need to use power. So, even an early user can install its system. It is easy to perform, too. It is because it has an ability of keeping the quality of tone and volume of music when being played.
Made from a heavy aluminum, the Boss FV0500H is sturdy and is suitable for heavy duty music sessions. Thus, if you have long and extended demonstrations, this kind of products is an ideal option for you. And you can adjust the pedal to feel comfortable at anytime you want. 
However, the Boss FV-500H’s volume sometimes shifts out of control during the movement. And because of being a sturdy pedal, it takes lots of space in your room. So, if you are living in a small apartment, its size may not fit you.
Dunlop DVP3 Volume (X)
Dunlop DVP3 Volume X is noted for its stabilization as well as great volume control. Its customization can fulfill every customer’s needs. The patent-pending Band Drive enables the product to create consistent operation and smooth different types of motion. As a result, users will feel relaxing while playing their instruments.
Nevertheless, the Dunlop DVP3 does not include as many effects as the other ones. It is not sturdy, either. Moreover, there are some flaws in the heel down mechanism.
Mission Engineering VM-PRO Volume Pedal Pro with Buffer-red
This special product is so powerful that it can stand out of other competitors on stage. It has a single input, a main input and a second output jack. It is able to connect every device to create perfect effects for the audience to enjoy. The pedal is easy to control and has a smooth installation. Thus, it is suitable for any electric guitar pickups.
As calculated, the Mission Engineering VM-Pro can be used for a long period of 7 years. During your using time, you can also change it with so many colors like black, red, metal or green.
But the only thing you need to consider about this product is its price. Because of all the unique benefits it can bring to people, the price for it is not as cheap as the other one. It is said to be the most expensive pedal on the list. Thus, if you want to have perfect performances with your instruments, you need to spend a large amount of money before buying this mono pedal.
All in all, you may find no difficulty choosing the right volume pedals for yourself after reading this article. All the information provided are true so you can rely on them in your purchasing products. Dare to check out Musical Study to set values and find the best volume pedal.
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