Ways to Have Fun With Succulents:
Saturday, 08 August 2020

 Everyone seems to be talking about succulents these days. To help you jump on the succulent trend we created a list of four ways that you can have fun with succulents!  

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Here are Five Ways that You can Have Fun with Succulents:
  • Garden with Succulents
  • Create a Succulent Arrangement 
  • Search for a Creative Planter
  • Paint Your Succulent 
1. Garden with Succulents

At a time then we have to spend more time than ever at home, you can use succulents to have fun by using succulents to garden. Many people garden because it is seen as a therapeutic way to relieve stress, be out in nature, and feel a greater connection to the earth. By gardening with succulents, you can add something new, beautiful, and fresh to your garden, while having a great time. Gardening with succulents is so incredibly fun because after planting your succulents you can watch them slowly grow overtime. 

2. Create a Succulent Arrangement

Another way to have fun with succulents is by creating a succulent arrangement. Creating your own succulent arrangement can be similar in a way to landscaping with succulents. Succulent arrangements are a great way to express your creativity and create something beautiful. There is also a massive following for succulent arrangements on Instagram. This means that there are tons of videos that you can find on social media of people making succulent arrangements to gain inspiration from and follow. 

3. Search for a Creative Planter

Another fun thing about creating succulent arrangements is finding creative and fun planters to plant your succulents in. One of the most fun things about planting succulent arrangements is finding a planter or pot that will make your arrangement pop. There are a ton of fun planters and pots available for sale online or at retail stores. It is also fun to create your own DIY planters from things at home, like wine bottles and baskets. 

4. Paint Your Succulents

The final thing that you can do to have fun with succulents is to paint your succulents! It sounds a little far-fetched, but painting your succulents is incredibly fun when done correctly. Traditional paint will harm your succulent, so it is important to go out and find floral paint. Once you have floral paint the possibilities are endless! You can pain all types of designs on your succulents. The only downside about using floral paint is that it will not stay on your succulent forever. Slowly your succulent will grow out of the paint until nothing is left. 

These are just a couple ideas that you can do to have fun with succulents. Although these are just some of the most popular ways to have fun with succulents it is important to remember that when trying to have fun with succulents the possibilities are endless. The one thing to remember when having fun with succulents is that these are real and live plants. So, it is important that you place your succulents in the correct conditions when having fun with your succulents.
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