Ways to use Sola Wood Flowers for a Wedding bouquet
Monday, 22 June 2020

 Wedding trends are changing rapidly, and brides are attracting more eco-friendly and affordable options. It doesn’t mean they are compromising the charm, beauty, and grace of their wedding celebrations, but they are simply shifting from good to the best options.

 The bridal wedding bouquet is an essential is really close to the bridal’s heart accessory. Every bride wishes to hold the most stunning, gracious, and uniquely composed bouquet in her hands while walking down the aisle.

Sola wood flower bridal bouquet is a precious addition in the variety of different bridal wedding bouquets. Sola wood flowers are the most modern, economical, and reliable addition in the range of faux flowers, but their unique qualities make them an outstanding option.

Sola wood flowers:

Wood flower bouquets are composed of the most distinct type of fake flowers called sola wood flowers. These flowers are commonly crafted from the inner bark of Balsa tree wood. This wood is Ivory in color, and all the sola wood flowers are crafted with hands without using any machine. This handmade formation of wooden blooms makes them individually customized as the original flowers are. It is very easy to dye sola wood flowers in any color you like, whether it is a natural or a glamorous edition of colors like golden, silver, or bronze.

Why brides love sola woods:

There are various reasons for brides and wedding planners to choose sola wood flower bridal bouquet as the prior and best option for bridal bouquet:
Wood flower bouquets are everlasting with a little care. These can last for years with the same grace and evergreen beauty.

Sola wood flower bridal bouquets are available with every kind of flowers in all seasons. Bride can desire for a bridal bouquet with Amaryllis, Daffodil, and Dutch Tulips in peak summer wedding, or they can easily have a bouquet with Peonies, Thistle, and Scabiosa in winter season.

Wood flower bouquet is pollen-free and scent-free so that brides can hold these bouquets without any tension of allergy issues.

Wood flower bouquets are durable, and brides can check the realistic appearance of their dream wedding bouquet days before her wedding. It is also helpful to make changes in the design and looks of the bouquet according to the brides wish.

Although sola wood flowers are biodegradable and can be recycled easily without any environmental pollution, they would want to lose such sensational and beautiful flowers. Brides reuse these sola wood flower bridal bouquets in different floral arrangements and decoration pieces to create beautiful DIY floral projects.

Ways to use sola wood flowers for wedding bouquet:

Sola wood flowers can be arranged in every possible style and position to arrange a wonderful bridal bouquet. Creative brides love to craft their wedding bouquets to make the memories associated with bridal bouquet even more special and tempting.

Here is a small list of options that brides can use to create their custom wedding bouquet:

OPTION 1. Brides can purchase their wood flower bouquet from any online sola wood flowers store. Reputed sola wood flower stores like woodflowers.com provide an exciting range of beautifully crafted sola wood flowers arranged in breathtakingly beautiful bouquet arrangements.

OPTION 2. Brides can buy loose sola wood flowers in ivory color, and then the rest is on their imagination. They can dye these sola wood flowers in any color they want or in a color that matches with their wedding theme and form a bouquet.

OPTION 3. Few brides love to adopt a total DIY approach, making the wooden flowers entirely from scratch (sola wood paper). They craft the flowers with their own hands, then dye them in their favorite color, and finally, assemble these wooden blooms into a wooden flower bouquet.
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