What are the Different Methods of Pest Control?

 Whether it is the commercial or domestic space, once it is infected by pests, it creates a difficult situation. From the wastage of food, damage to property, and severe health implications, there are plenty of risks associated with pest infestation. This is why you need to perform pest control on a regular basis to make sure your building is safe and secure. 

 If you live in Doylestown, there are many reliable companies that provide Doylestown pest control services. However, you should be aware of the methods companies use to perform pest control. Below we are discussing some of the popular pest control solutions used in households –

1.  Fumigation

In fumigation, the professionals seal the building and fog it with liquid insecticide for one to three days. This comprehensive method targets all kinds of pests. However, you cannot get into your house until the treatment is over.

 In a specific fumigation process, the liquid insecticide is dispersed in a limited amount. In this method, you can use the place during the process.

2.  Poisoned Bait

Poisoned bait is a standard pest control method and used in eradicating pests like birds, ants, rodents, cockroaches, etc. In this method, a quick-acting toxin is sprayed on the flies to stop the production of eggs.

Moreover, for ants, a slower-impacting poison is used so that ants can carry the toxins to their colony. This method is not full-proof, and at times rodents have resisted the poison.

3.  Sterilization

Sterilization is a pest control method that focuses on the rearing of pests and rodents and treated with substances like X-rays. After the treatment, the sterilized pests are released into the wilds. This method can reduce the population of pests’ altogether, especially the ones that don't popularly disperse.

Types of pest control

Following are the types of pest control -

1.      Mechanical –

It is a way in which pests are removed or killed using barriers such as row covers, weeding, trapping etc. It is used in cases when pests or rodents are accumulated in a particular area.
2.  Biological –

This method is performed on large open spaces such as farms, orchards, production unit, etc. Biological methods use natural predators of pests such as pathogens, parasites, etc. into the surroundings. It is a risky method and requires careful planning and execution.

3.  Chemical Pesticides –

These are synthetic components that are produced to attach specific kinds of pests. The strength of these pesticides varies and is harmful to the plants and other organisms.

4.  Organic Pest Control –

Organic or natural pest control is taken from plants and other natural extracts. There are natural chemicals present in the environment that are produced by plants. These chemicals are used as a way to get rid of the pests in place of synthetic chemicals.
Above are some of the popular methods of pest control that technicians use to remove pests infestation in your home. The method that pest control experts use depends on your building and the kind of pest that has infected your space.
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