Chlorine is the most common disinfectant in the pool. It plays an essential role in the sterilization of the structure and allows maintaining a correct level of hygiene, preventing the proliferation of algae, bacteria and polluting microorganisms.

 Is swimming pool chlorine safe? Like any chemical, chlorine must be handled with care and attention. Doses are very important and cannot be done randomly. The amount of product that you pour into the pool must be precise, you cannot override it.

Too highChlorine in the pool

When the chlorine in the pool exceeds the optimal level, the first to be affected are the bathers. Chloramines, in fact, cause irritation to the eyes and mucous membranes that can create discomfort.

If you do not intervene immediately, taking a bath becomes unthinkable. Chlorine is a substance not to be underestimated and, for the safety of the whole family, the advice is to intervene in a timely manner.

The chlorine values in the pool

But what are the right values to maintain a correct level of hygiene in the pool and guaranteesafe bathingfor your loved ones?

First of all it is good to know that when we talk about chlorine in the pool we distinguish between:
  • Free chlorine
  • Combined chlorine
The latter is formed when free chlorine meets nitrogen-based organic and inorganic pollutants. These pollutants can be brought by bathers, by the weather, by the dirt that enters the pool.

Combined chlorine is a mixture of different substances including urea, chlorine creatines and chloramines. Chloramines are the main ones responsible for the irritating effects.

In a pool, the ideal values for effective chlorination and safe bathing are:
  • The pH is between 7.2 and 7.4
  • The active free chlorine is approximately 1 ppm
  • Combined chlorine should not exceed 0.3 ppm
No Mistake Chances

For sale there are various devices and instruments for measuring water parameters and for dosing chemical products. The methods on the market differ between manual and automatic. Although the former are still widespread and cheaper, the latter are certainly more practical and precise. The modern electronic control units, in fact, carry out the water analysis independently and deal with the dosage of the relative disinfectants.

The level of precision with which these devices work allows you to reduce waste and above all the risk of a product overdose. 
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