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What Is The Difference Between Malt Extract And All Grain Brewing?
Sunday, 24 July 2022

Hardcore orthodox wine connoisseurs try a wide range of beverage products. They are over-excited to drink flavourful beer. However, they should not mix the extract brewing with the all-grain home-brewing methods. Two processes are different. All-grain beers are not easy to make as it takes you through complicated avenues to prepare several batches of fresh beer. On the other hand, extract home-brewing is less time consuming as it doesn’t require brewers to invest funds for arranging a lot of brewing tools and ingredients.

Similarities and Dissimilarities

Whether you drink extracted or all-grain malted beer, you have the full-scale freedom to enjoy to the last dreg of your big wine goblet. Well, both drinks have top grains, hops, and aroma to warm you even in the chilly wintry night. However, the processes and styles of fermenting the wort are varied depending on the category of home-brewing.
The all-grains home brewing process is intricate as you need to boil the strike water at a particular temperature. The temperature is lost at different phases of wort preparation and water boiling. For example, at the time of heating the mash, you should put it at 148 degrees for 60 minutes. However, the strike water needs around 158 degrees for being boiled at the desired temperature. Meanwhile, the grains have to be cleaned removing extra sugar sediments. You need to calculate the gravity of the wort. It helps you have the alcohol through the proper carbonation.

While opting for extract brewing, you don’t need complicated steps to follow. Here, brewers use the pre-blended syrup as wort. Unlike the all-grain beer brewing, the extract brewing is easy without any requirement for blending grains and water manually. You can take the gel like syrup of dry powder as well-prepared wort. So, save few minutes for relaxation. Readymade syrup works like great wort which can be mixed with strike water. However, many professional home brewers like Beer Snobs prefer the steeping grains for crafting the beer. This auxiliary grain needs to be boiled at 150-170 degrees to have the aroma.

Malt Extract Home Brewing –Benefits

See, the chilling and fermentation methods are same for both types of home brewing. Malt extracted grain have more minerals and positive enzymes for transforming the starch into the minuscule sugar. Besides, you will get the prepared syrup which has the major components to make the best wort. Therefore, brewers are relaxed when they prepare the beer. The cost of installation of the brewing machines is low comparatively. Certainly, brewers don’t have to use the thermometers and hydrometers to track the temperature. It is a quick home-brewing option for busy brewers.

Disadvantages of Extract Brewing

Most of the malted extract beers are darker in color. So, if you need to lighter hue, you will not change or adjust the color of the beer. Besides, people have to buy the syrup or dry dust to prepare the wort. The extract grain requires more hops to create the flavour. So, frugal home brewers have to compromise by spending a few dollars more to make it expensive home brewing.

All-Grain Home Brewing- Advantages

All grain home brewing has many benefits over the extract beer brewing. The cost of using ingredients is low and you will get the hygienic aromatic all-grain beer to nourish your stomach. It doesn’t need extra hops to use for getting more aroma. Fermentation is done at low gravity.


All grain home-brewing process keeps you on hold for 60 minutes usually. If you are fully engaged with other tasks, it is difficult for you to prepare the all-grain beer. People require more brewing tools for blending wort and fermenting the liquid.

All grain and extract home brewing processes are used by million brewers. You have to evaluate pros and cons when you intend to select the best method of crafting the world class drinks at your own home.
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