What is the effect of healthy self-esteem on personality?

 When a person knows his worth, his value, his thoughts, have decision power and confidence, it is called self-esteem. In simple words, we can say the way a person likes him and appreciate him is his self-esteem.

 Self-esteem or self-confidence is referred to as someone’s personality traits. Self-respect has a very important impact on any one's personality. Levels of self-esteem can make the personality, low self-esteem can leave people damaged and depressed. Some people make bad choices in their life because they have no confidence in them, they don’t have any decision power. Some people get so many disappointments and they fail repeatedly in their life. All of these things show that self-esteem affects life in every way. They can be successful and damaged just by self-confidence.

Very high and very low self-esteem is dangerous. So, ideal self-esteem is, to keep things balanced at both ends. Keeping things and positive point of view can help in keeping the self-esteem in a normal range. Taking a high effect of positive and negative thoughts can damage the personality.

  • It is a personality trait, damaged and broken self-esteem is not a disease.
  • It has effects on someone’s ideas, beliefs, and points of view.
Importance of self-esteem:
  • It plays a very important role in motivation and success.
  • Low self-esteem holds back, balanced self-esteem helps in improving personality traits.
  • Healthy self-esteem helps in removing negative thoughts from life, without negativity anyone can get a better and healthy life and achieve their goals.
What is healthy self-esteem?

1. People with confidence have a healthy self-esteem.
2. Those who can say no to those things they don’t want in their life have balanced and healthy self-esteem.
3. Positive thoughts.
4. Those who can judge different things and can accept things and negative points of view.

What is the role of the psychiatrist in boosting self-esteem?

A psychologist who knows all about the confidence and self-esteem can judge a low self-esteem personality in some mistunes by his actions and way of talking.

He will try to improve the person by giving him some positivity in his own life.
  • A psychologist will ask for some time and ask different things from the person who lacks self-confidence.
  • He will help him to find out the best of his personality.
  • The psychologist will help the person in accepting different types of compliments, negative or positive.
  • The most important thing which helps in boosting self-esteem is “good word”. Saying and thinking well about himself will help the client in boosting his self-confidence. Due to this client will not criticize himself.
The psychologist will support the client to remind himself about his value and real worth. He will guide in every session about seeing things with positive thoughts.

Building up and boosting self-esteem is not an easy task, no one can judge and measure confidence, but once a person achieves confidence in his life. He will be the most successful person because by achieving healthy self-esteem he will surely achieve his goals.
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"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right."

Henry Ford

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