What to Consider When Shopping for a Lift Chair

There are different health problems caused by accidents, diseases or aging that can have an effect on a person’s mobility. You might find it difficult to stand normally or find it strenuous to get off your seat. Health experts recommend lift and recliner chairs that are designed to help people stand without injuring themselves. 

 Besides helping you stand, lift chairs offer numerous therapeutic benefits for persons suffering from back pain and joint problems. However, you need to buy the right quality seat to enjoy these benefits.

Here is a list of the things you should consider when shopping for a lift chair. 

Reclining Features

Reclining seats have multiple configurations depending on what the user wants. There are three reclining configurations:

2 position lift chairs: These come with an elevating ottoman and a backrest that has limited reclining options. It’s normally designed for relaxing when watching TV or reading.
3 position lift chairs: These come with an extension at the reclining backrest. The backrest offers multiple recline angles but doesn’t fully recline to a sleeping position. They also comprise an elevating ottoman for extra comfort on the legs.
Multiple/infinite position lift chairs: These can recline to a sleeping position. They also have an independently elevating ottoman that offers maximum flexibility and comfort. 

You can choose the type of reclining features you want based on your budget and preferences. The more reclining features there are the higher the price and vise-Versa. 

Difference in Sizes

Lift chairs come in different sizes ranging from petite/small to heavy-duty. They are normally made to fit everyone no matter their size. You must consider your height and weight before shopping for a seat. It should have the right width to fit your hips and also allow your arms to rest on the armrests comfortably. Your legs should be at a 90-degree angle whenever you are seating in a standard position. You can opt for a seat that offers depth-adjustable features for extra comfort and convenience. 

The Level of Comfort

The reason most people opt for lift chairs is due to the comfort and relaxation they offer. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in this seat, it’s important to buy something that has sufficient and adjustable padding. This will make it possible to maintain the right sitting posture. 

Type of Fabric

The material you choose must be long-lasting and easy to clean. The most common fabric is medical-grade and easy clean suede. Medical grade fabric is normally recommended for persons who spend a lot of time sitting. It’s specifically designed to reduce the risk of pressure injuries because it distributes the weight across the surface. 

On the other hand, easy-clean suede is durable, soft to touch and resistant to mildew. It’s also anti-pilling and flame retardant. However, manufacturers offer multiple fabric choices and colors. 

Room Space and Aesthetics

Before buying a lift chair, it’s vital to consider where you want to place it. These seats normally require more space than normal chairs; they need more room when activating. If your room has limited space, go for a space-saver model. This will allow the lift chair to function within just 4 to 6 inches from the wall. 
The looks also matter a lot whenever you want to buy a seat to use in your living room or office. Check the colors and quality of fabric before buying. 

Final Thoughts

You can improve your health and comfort by buying the right lift chair. Always consider the size, reclining features, price and how the seat looks before making your final purchase.
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