What We Need To Know When Choosing A Steam Cleaner
Saturday, 08 August 2020

 Is there anything more satisfying than coming home from a vacation which was fabulous, fun, and filled with sun, cocktails, and bronzed skin for 2weeks, than a house smelling like freshly squeezed lemons and mint? 

 It’s as if the front door has opened and the house has enveloped you in a huge hug, happy to have its family back and beaming with adoration. Well at least it seems that way to me when I book in a full-service top-to-toe house cleaning service for the time we get back. 

And yes, hubby moans about the bill and that it’s a waste of money, but each time I see the bliss on his face of not having to do anything besides veg on the couch after the trip and so I keep booking them in.

Now if someone could just leave a freshly baked cake and a pitcher of mojito the situation would be picture-perfect. 

Having the home steam-cleaned was a suggestion from a girlfriend of mine who had heard rave reviews of a new company in town, and she has been using them ever since. I had always thought that steam cleaning equaled expensive, but the efficiency and efficacy of the process far outweigh any doubts I once had.

 Advantages of steam cleaning.
  • Bacteria. The filth that grows when an item or area is untreated or unclean is horrific, spores of mold grow and reproduce at a significant rate and besides leaving damp, dark stains wherever they land, the danger to your health and well-being is through the roof. Steaming removes 99.99% of bacteria, can’t get much better than that can you? 
  • Prevention. It has been shown that with the thoroughness of a steam clean, it prevents the return and regrowth of old or new bacteria and mold. The benefits are long term and an investment worth making.
  • Dust mites. The creepy crawlies that never seem to go away and make you begin to itch just by thinking about them are destroyed with high temperatures because we all know there are mites and fungus only visible under a microscope. 
  • Stains and marks. Lifting from the root is why steam cleaning is so noticeable, it gets to the core of the issue and pulls it right out making it great for high traffic areas and grubby carpets.Others think the same too, take a minute to read their comments in this blog here https://www.quora.com/Are-there-health-benefits-to-steam-cleaning-carpets-vs-traditional-cleaning and see just how great of an option steam cleaning can be. You may have been hesitant up until now, but with a bit of information, you can rest your mind at ease.
  • Environmentally friendlier. Steam cleaners essentially use mostly water, no harsh or toxic chemicals swirling around in buckets of dirty water or mop heads and sponges turning grey from the dirt and all the scrubbing. 
  • Odors. Another reason why my husband and I were leaning towards steaming is that we have 2 dogs and anyone with pets will know that as much as we clean and deep-clean, their hair and smell just seems to be lingering around. Getting rid of the stench is a breeze with a steamer.
  • Newness. Who knew a simple deep clean could transform a home, our house is for the most part clean, but who has the time to do a full-on deep clean when life is already so full? A steam session can make your house look new again, perfect for impressing the mother in law with the ever-constant disapproving look. 
Choosing a steamer to suit your lifestyle and budget.

I can understand and empathize that while having the home professionally cleaned regularly is a luxury that sets us apart from others, but there are options available to still have the place looking like a hotel room without fear of remortgaging your home to do it. 

Technology and gadgets are on the constant update and regularly brands and companies have new products on shelves, bigger better versions to make life that much simpler, and while they have more features they are as compact as ever before. 

The only dilemma you may have when strolling around the shops wondering which to choose is the choice itself, each looking slicker than the next, some offering better prices but fewer features, or do you ‘need’ all the features so you’re willing to pay more? 

I always tell my kids to make a pros and cons list and a ‘looking for’ column. When it’s in black and white in front of you, you suddenly see what is unnecessary and the bells and whistles only adding to the invoice at the end of the day.

There are plenty of varieties on the market, some better than others, but to see one that has come up well on the satisfied customers rating as of late, take a browsing look at the McCulloch MC1275 and read its features, the dos, and don’ts, and make a calculated decision with some guidance and advice that you feel would best suit your family dynamics.

Steam cleaning versus shampooing

We all have that granny that would whip out her trusty old shampoo contraption she got ‘on sale’ in 19-whatever and would begin her sales pitch as to why ‘these modern machines’ have no idea what they’re doing, and as much as I love a good laugh, I’m not going to be shopping for a shampoo machine anytime soon. 

With steam, there are jets of hot water vapor that break down and draw out the dirt, whereas shampoo machines use what it says on the tin, shampoo. A chemical-based detergent to help break the dirt down, and if you have a family member with any allergies this could cause an issue.
The shampoo treatment is also more moisture heavy meaning the area takes longer to dry than a steamed section which could be as dry as new in 48 hours or less. 

We have done the shampoo option, it’s time to make a change, clear the pores and steam your life into a stress-free future filled with citrus.


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