What You Learn Working as a Butler for the Wealthy in 2020
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

 What is the image that comes up in your mind when you hear the word “butler”? Is it Alfred from the Batman movies or Carson from Downton Abbey? Either way, your vision would be quite far from reality. 

 Being a Butler in 2020

Working as a butler for a rich family, you’d need to be dynamic, efficient and able. Therefore, they are often much younger than the two English characters mentioned in the introduction. Running a household in 2020 could have you prepare special events, large dinners and birthday parties while also managing everything that goes inside the house, cleaning it and keeping it up.

But perhaps the best part of the job is what you can learn from your employer and all family members while living under their roof. Here are a few of these precious gems which you will take with you once you leave. If this kind of life is for you, you can look-up this butler job offer.

It’s All about Family

Money is unimportant, even for those who have a large quantity of it, if you don’t have a family to share it with. The benefit of money is that you can spend whatever is necessary for your loved ones.

Without Good Health, Money Is Useless

Wealthy families spend a lot on health and wellness. They usually keep a base medical-staff on hands at all time to take care of any accidents that may happen on the property or any health issue that may arise throughout the course of the year. They know that if you get sick, life (and money) loses its meaning.

People Are People

Once you have been around rich individuals, you understand that they react the same way socially as any other individual. If you treat them with respect, they’ll do the same for you, no matter how much money is in your bank account.

Avoid Useless Spending

How do people accumulate wealth? By not giving away their money on buying useless things or over spending. It is quite simple: Any penny you don’t spend is one that you keep and grows inside your capital. Whenever they can save a dollar (euro, pound, etc.), they do.

Working for the Wealthy is Fulfilling

Perhaps the most interesting lesson you’ll learn is that working for a rich family is fulfilling in so many ways. You will learn how to appreciate life in a completely different way. They are often philanthropists who love art. This is reflected in their love of beauty in general. Something we can all learn to appreciate more and more.
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